The Pacific Song is a song from the Disney TV special Pacifically Peeking.

The song is performed by Moby Duck (voice of Paul Frees) and a chorus by The Mellomen.

The song details scientific information and facts about the Pacific Ocean, as well as highlighting some famous captains and explorers. A short reprise of the song was sung at the end of the show.


Oh, wide Pacific, great Pacific
How much bigger can ye get?
Yer tremendous, yer gigantic
Twice the size of the Atlantic
Twice the size, though ye be never twice as wet

North Pacific, south Pacific
Sixth and seventh sea

I be one of the alive ones
Who'll sail t'other five ones
But ye two Pacifics be the one for me

Why, it be so big, the United States would fit snugly between Hawaii and Wake Island...if you move Wake a bit.

The span of the Pacific be 11,000 miles

From Panama across to east Malay
Should you ever get the notion to negotiate this ocean
You will have to cross the date line on the way

Every Sunday, it is Monday down on little Sunday Isle
On Thursday, Monday too, as you supposed

But way up in Friday Harbor...

Chorus: could never find a barber
For on Sunday, Friday barber shops are closed.

Vast Pacific, fast Pacific

May your motion never cease
Aren't you glad there's no deterrent to your California current?
Your Australian, Humboldt or your Japanese?

Now, the currents travel clockwise in Pacific north, and counterclockwise in Pacific south.

And if you're drifting in the Humboldt Current westward from Peru
You'll feel the balmy southeast trade winds blow
Thought a marlin may impale ya somewhere in between Australia and the Tuamotu Archipelago

"Archipelago" be a Greek word, which means "chief sea"

Green Pacific, blue Pacific
You truly made Balboa cheer
It was still three months 'till Christmas when he shouted from the isthmus...

(spoken; Spanish accent)
"Hoo boy, I think I have discovered something here!"

(normal tone)
Next came Magellan...

Magellan, with his scurvy crew, sailed through his crooked straight
His men about to mutiny and quit
When he found the Marianas, he divided up bananas
Which was probably the first banana split

It was Captain Cook's third voyage to the Polynesian Isles
Where he received the natives' fatal dart
But his history gives no clue how on the menu of the luau
He was on the dinner or just à la carte.

(spoken; British accent)
By jove!

(sung; normal tone)
Mad Pacific, sad Pacific
Ye remember Captain Bligh

When that mutiny was plotted, off the Bounty he was trotted
And he never had a chance to say goodbye

(spoken; imitating Charles Laughton)
Mister Christian, I will get you yet!


Great Pacific, wide Pacific
It's you I sing the praises of

Nor' or south of the Equator
Nothing's bigger, nothing's greater

Than the P-A-C-I-F-I-C I love!
Yo ho!