"The Owl That Didn't Give a Hoot" is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It aired on December 15, 1968.


Johnny Fredericks, a young boy taking photographs of wildlife near Salt Lake City, Utah, discovers an abandoned baby Great Horned Owl. Johnny takes the animal home against his parents' advice and tries to raise it to maturity. Johnny, who names the owl Harriet, continues to use her as a model for his photographic essays, but Harriet has trouble adapting to life as a household pet. She often gets into mischief and causes damage throughout the house. As a result, she is banished from the house. Johnny realizes he must set the owl free, but he also knows she will die, for Harriet has never had to hunt or care for herself. The boy begins a training program to prepare Harriet for life in the wilderness. He starts with short tethered flights and examples of what should be tasty meals for an owl. Eventually, the day comes when Harriet must be set free. Problems arise when a neighbor suspects Harriet of killing one of his prized racing pigeons, and the man vows to kill the owl if she returns to his property. Harriet does fly there again, but luckily reveals that a rat was the real killer. The story ends as Harriet leaves for a new life in the wild with a new mate.


  • Hyde Clayton ... Sam Miller
  • John B. Fetzer ... Vic Fredericks
  • Marian Fletcher ... Nora Fredericks
  • Steve Forrest ... Jr. Narrator
  • Gerald Pearce ... Narrator
  • David Potter ... Johnny Fredericks