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"The Other Exchange Student" is the second segment of the third episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It premiered on April 6, 2015 alongside "Monster Arm".

On February 23, 2015, the episode was released early on, the WATCH Disney XD app, and Disney XD on Demand.


Star walks downstairs and is surprised to find a "47 Days on Earth" party. Marco states she has a party like this every day. As Mr. Diaz presents Star with a cake, there is a knock on the door. Marco answers it, and reveals that its Gustav, their old foreign exchange student from Scandenavia. Star is left out of the Diaz' reunion with Gustav, as he has brought them gifts, but none for her, as he didn't know of her existence.

The next day, a party is thrown for Gustav, and Star notices a "how to speak Scandinavian" book in his bag. When Gustav tells her to mind her own business, Star notices a sinister way about him. She tells Marco, but he writes her off as being jealous. Star proceeds to spy on Gustav, to see if he has any secret plans, and finds him practicing with an axe, making Meatballs and taking the measurements of the Diaz family while they sleep.

Star is convinced he is trying to turn the family into Meatballs and eat them, and tries to warn Marco, but he says he's going to a picnic in the woods with Gustav. She gets to the woods before the Diaz family and tries to force the truth out of Gustav. Horrified, Gustav claims he wasn't going to eat them, and reveals his real name is Charlie Booth, and he's from Bakersfieldville, where everyone is unhappy.

He also reveals his dream to open a new restaurant in his home town, that will make everyone happy. When the Diaz family arrive, Star decides not to tell them about Gustav's true identity. When Charlie thanks Star for not telling them, Star asks that he never return back to the Diaz family again. After he leaves, another party is thrown for Star by the Diaz', and Marco claims that she's his favorite exchange student.

It is later revealed that Charlie arrives at another family's house, under the identity of Francois, a French foreign exchange student.


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