The Orphaned Birds is a Norwegian Lion King comic.


The comic centers around Tojo, a young Pridelander Lion cub. A group of cubs listening to Mufasa talk about the Great Spirit. Tojo laments that the Great Spirit doesn't watch over him well, since he's always getting injured and now must rest instead of play due to a sprained ankle. Simba suggests that maybe the Great Spirit has a purpose in him staying at home instead of playing.

Later, Simba becomes the "mother" of orphaned birds and takes care of them. While trying to teach them to fly, Tojo suggests making wings out of leaves. Simba agrees and leaves the birds with Tojo to go prepare them. Upon returning, he finds Tojo has bonded with the birds and made his own set of false wings, showing the Great Spirit had reason in Tojo's injury after all.

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