The Old Castle's Other Secret or A Letter From Home, is Don Rosa's sequel to The Crown of the Crusader Kings.


Scrooge McDuck and his family return to Castle McDuck to find the treasure of the Knights Templar. Donald Duck tells Huey, Dewey, and Louie to tell the new caretaker of the castle about their presence. The caretaker reveals herself to be their Grand Aunt Matilda McDuck, who avoided seeing her brother in the last 25 years (as seen in "The Empire-Builder from Calisota").

Matilda is very upset with Donald for arranging this meeting for her and Scrooge. However, Matilda already knows about the treasure; it was their father Fergus's idea not letting Scrooge know about it. Both Scrooge and Matilda think it's because their father didn't approve of him. Still depressed at this shocking revelation, Scrooge keeps searching for the treasure when Mr. Molay and Maurice Mattressface appear, also looking for the treasure. When Molay reveals he's searching the treasure for evil purposes, Maurice rebels against him.

The treasure is found, as well as a letter left by Fergus telling the real reason he didn't tell Scrooge about this treasure: He feels Scrooge would feel better making his own fortune instead of inheriting one, and he was correct. While alone with Matilda, Scrooge admits he envies Donald for having a family, but the McDuck spirit of adventure he sees in his younger relatives has inspired him to go on adventuring with them ever since he first met them in 1947. With this confession on behalf of Scrooge that he does care about his family, he and Matilda make up at last.

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