The Ocean Hop is a 1927 animated short featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald goes up against Pete in a Trans-Atlantic airplane race.

Home video releases


1932 Reissue Version

Due to budget restraints, The Ocean Hop became the sixth and final Disney Oswald short Walter Lantz reissued [1]. In addition to adding sound and a musical score by James Dietrich, Lantz shuffled a sequences order and removed one. In the original version Oswald "The Dark Horse" is introduced before Pete oils his plane. Missing from the reissue is a scene where the dachshund Oswald uses as a plane falls into a taxi engine and turns into sausage links [2]. Due to the original negatives being lost the Lantz reissue was used as the master for the Treasures DVD release and does not restore the reshuffled sequence.