The Night Before Christmas is an animated Silly Symphony that was released on December 9, 1933, following the previous year's Santa's Workshop.


In a loose adaptation of Clement C. Moore's famous poem, St. Nick is seen delivering the toys that he made in 1932's Santa's Workshop to a house full of sleeping children. The toys come alive, and they dance around and have fun. The kids then wake up to find a beautiful Christmas tree with lots of toys.


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  • This cartoon was featured every Christmas on The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • Scenes deleted from some A Walt Disney Christmas VHS and laserdisc releases:
    • Santa gets full of soot when he comes down the chimney, and he appears in blackface.
    • All home video copies delete sequences of toys resembling Amos 'n Andy. Even the Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies DVD release cuts the sequences which was an error, but they would later do a replacement discs program correcting the errors on the original copies.
    • Then, when the kids wake up, Junior catches Santa going up the fireplace.
    • Running to the fireplace, he gets full of soot, and he dances around in blackface.
      • Recent VHS releases seem to have these back in.
  • Mickey Mouse puts in a "guest appearance" in wind-up toy form.
  • Footage from this short film was used for the Disney Sing Along Songs volume, Very Merry Christmas Songs for the songs "Up on the Housetop" and "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers".



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  • A Walt Disney Christmas
  • A Disney Christmas Gift




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