"The New Tuckshop Lady" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of the Disney Channel (Australia) interstitial program As the Bell Rings.


The school hires a new tuckshop lady a couple of days before a multi-school marathon Vince (Christian Antidormi) is entering. She starts to sell lots of junk food, replacing the old healthy food. Vince starts to eat a lot of it and slowly starts to become unfit. He finally gets back to training, but the tuck shop lady steps in and feeds him a chocolate cake. The other students eventually get him to eat healthy again, and he slowly regains his fitness. As Vince is running the marathon, it is revealed that the Tuck shop lady is really from a rival high school. She was trying to fatten him up so that her school could win the marathon, as she knew that they would have no hope of winning with Vince running.

Vince wins the race and the tuck shop lady admits she was cheating, and swears never to cheat again. Although seconds later, the kids overhear the tuckshop lady sceaming about returning next year.

Main student(s)and guest stars

  • Vince (Christian Antidormi)
  • The Tuckshop Lady
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