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"The New Kid" is the second segment of the first episode of Recess.


The students of Miss Grotke's fourth grade class finally execute their plan to get to recess early by changing the time on the clock. As the bell rings, a military general enters the classroom to enroll his son, Gus, into the class.

T.J. agrees to show him around school, leading Vince to remind him that students aren't allowed to speak to the new kid until 48 hours have passed. T.J. shrugs it off, as he and the rest of the gang continue to show him around school. Gus starts to cry, noting that nobody has ever been so nice to him in the time he's been to 12 schools. They try to assure him that things are different now, and that he'll always have friends.

Suddenly, King Bob arrives, and the entire playground flees, save the gang, who bow down to him. Confused, Gus follows suit. When King Bob doesn't recognize him, he asks who he is, to which Gus responds by telling him that he's the new kid. Bob releases the old "new kid", a nobody in the school's hierarchy, replacing him with Gus, who now has to go through school without a name, and without any friends, negatively affecting his life as a whole.

The next day, the gang tries to make him feel better and they give him a "welcome party", putting banners up around the school. King Bob arrives, and the students hurry to take it down before he sees, and they start to pretend that they don't know Gus. He stands up for himself to Bob, who gives him a pardon, and Gus begins regular life as a student in his new school.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Gus.


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