The New Adventures of Spin and Marty: Suspect Behavior is a 2000 Disney television movie based on Spin and Marty. It premiered on ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney on August 13, 2000.


Spin Evans absolutely must become a friend of Martin Markham if he wants to escape the camp where parents want to send. The arrival in their neighborhood new neighbors, Jack and Veronica Hulka, soon gives them the perfect opportunity to forge strong bonds of friendship. Spin and Martin are in fact convinced that immigrants are nothing less than demons: they will then stop at nothing to confuse craziness.


  • David Gallagher as Marty Markham
  • Charles Shaughnessy as Jordan Welsh
  • Jeremy Foley as Spin Evans
  • Yancy Butler as Veronica Hulka
  • Dan Zukovic as Gladstone
  • Brian Markinson as Beckwith Evans
  • Lynda Boyd as Stephanie Evans
  • Judd Nelson as Jack Hulka
  • Tim Considine as Mayor Considine
  • David Stollery as Commissioner Stollery
  • Tamsin Kelsey as Mrs. Markham
  • Brian Jensen as Mr. Markham
  • Richard Side as Mr. Mann
  • Laurie Murdoch as Minister
  • Michael Sunczyk as Precinct Captain
  • Bob Dawson as Officer Petrie
  • Simon Longmore as Officer Collins
  • Deni DeLory as Charlotte
  • Betty Linde as Mary
  • Brenda McDonald as Mary's Friend
  • Lauren Diewold as Little Girl