"The Nashville Coyote" is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney.


The Nashville Coyote starred Chico, the superstar coyote (Disney actually brought about three trained coyotes to town), and featured bluegrass singer Walter Forbes, as a coyote wanders the Tennessee countryside, way out in Brentwood, paling around with a songwriter. The coyote got to Nashville by accidentally hopping a freight train. It later falls in love with a hound dog. There are quick glimpses of Union Station, Ryman Auditorium and the old Country Music Hall of Fame.

Cowboy Jack Clement, who provided several of the songs for the Disney TV project, recalls one scene took place at the old Country Music Hall of Fame where the coyote knocked some suds in the fountain causing a soapy scene. Making appearances as pickers are musicians Norman Blake, Vassar Clements and Randy Wood. Clement later produced a soundtrack of the TV show.