The Mysterious Village, also known as Chapter 1, is the first episode of the pilot series Evermoor. It was first aired on October 10, 2014 in the UK.


Tara moves to Evermoor after living in America only to discover that there is a Tapestry there that predicts the future. Later on it predicts a fire, no one believes that it can actually tell the future and that it's just a load of rubbish, except Tara. Bella soon discovers that there has been a fire and things start to get complicated.


Tara and her family arrive in the eerie village of Evermoor, where their inheritance, Evermoor Manor, awaits. There, they find the Mayor brandishing a knife and welcoming them into the house with cake. Tara then goes exploring and finds a locked door to a mysterious room. She looks through a keyhole and sees a hooded figure pass by a tapestry. She is convinced there are witches in the house. Meanwhile, Jake tries to convince Bella there are ghosts in the house, where they meet Ludo and his mother, housekeeper Crimson. In the kitchen, Tara helps her mother solve a problem with her latest novel and finds a missing key in the key cupboard. She then finds it on top of the cupboard and tries it on the red door. She enters the tapestry room and decides to have this as her writing room.

Tara meets Esmerelda who tells her that the tapestry can predict the future, and that Tara's family has already been woven into it. After getting a premonition, Esmerelda leads the other Everines and the family to the tapestry room, where it shows Evermoor Manor on fire. Soon after, Bella returns to her room to discover it ablaze. It is quickly put out but the family are left disturbed. Bella's room is severely damaged and is forced to share a room with Tara. Seb finds a lantern which must've started the fire, with 'Do Not Deviate from the Path' written on it.

The family go into the grounds to find the residents of Evermoor celebrating the Festival of Fate, run by the Mayor Doyle.



  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • Georgie Glen is credited as Aunt Bridget although only a painting of her appears in this episode.
  • Several Everines appear uncredited in this episode despite lines of dialogue.
  • Esmerelda reveals that the tapestry has been in existence, and at Evermoor Manor for centuries.
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