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The Mooncussers is a 1962 telefilm produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on NBC as a two-part episode on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on December 2, and December 9, 1962. It was released theatrically in December 1966. The telefilm was directed by James Neilson.


A young boy discovers the existence of a group called the Mooncussers - a gang of pirates that work at night and sends out false homing signals to ships at sea; the ships then crash on the shore, where they are looted by the gang.


  • Oskar Homolka as Urias Hawke
  • Kevin Corcoran as Jonathan Feather
  • Robert Emhardt as Mr. Wick
  • Rian Garrick as Dan Hallett
  • Joan Freeman as Betsy Feather
  • Lee Aaker as Willy
  • Paul E. Burns as Mose
  • Robert Burton as E.P. Hallett
  • Walt Disney as Himself - Host
  • Ted Jacques as Bill Stacy
  • Dayton Lummis as Commissioner
  • Erin O'Brien-Moore as Mrs. Feather
  • Tudor Owen as Skipper of the Portland
  • Dub Taylor as Fire Tender
  • Eddy Waller as Captain Swain


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