"The Monkey in the Seat" is the eighth episode of the CGI animated short series Fireball. The episode itself was aired on May 26, 2008 as a part of Disney's partnership with Jinni's Animation Studios.


(48746 Merkur calendar year)

Drossel von Flügel meets with Gedächtnis in the main hall of the Flügel Manor, (she calls him Mangosteen and Goteen in this episode). Drossel complains to Gedächtnis that the interior of the hall (that every episode occurs in) is uncomfortable. Gedächtnis suggests she use her late father's thrown-like chair, to which she quickly accepts. Before she can really enjoy the comfort of the chair, however, the sound of a monkey erupts from the chair, and she is thrown from her seat. Thinking its nothing originally, Drossel takes a seat in the chair once more, and is again thrown off of it. Drossel believes there is a monkey in the chair, but Gedächtnis says its an impossiblity (since monkeys lived beside humans 48,000 years ago). Drossel decides to find out whether there really is a monkey in the chair.


Fireball - Episode 08

Fireball - Episode 08


  • Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel - Miyuki Kawashō
  • Gedächtnis - Toru Okawa


  • This is the second episode of Fireball to feature the audio of Schadenfreude.