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Quite a loony selection for a group of drunken reprobates.
Judge Doom

"The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" is a song most commonly associated with Looney Tunes. Roger Rabbit sings it to entertain barflies in Dolores' bar, and Eddie Valiant later sings it to make the Toon Patrol laugh themselves to death. These are not the actual lyrics to the song; they were written for the film only. Since pretty much all of the Looney Tunes are friends with both Roger and Eddie, it stands to reason that Roger and Eddie would be familiar with the song.


Roger Rabbit:
Oh, Roger is my name
And laughter is my game
C'mon, cowpoke
It's just a joke
Don't sit there on your brain

I'm not that debonair
I'm just a silly hare
If you want class
I'll have to pass
So go get Fred Astaire

My buddy's Eddie V.
A sourpuss, you see
But when I'm done
He'll need no gun
Cause a joker he will be
C, D, E, F, G, H, I...

Love to raise some cain
Believe me, it's no strain
It feels so great
To smash a plate
And look, there is no pain... (record starts skipping) no pain... no pain...

Eddie Valiant:
Now Roger is his name
Laughter is his game
C'mon, you dope
Untie his rope
And watch him go insane

This singin' ain't my line
It's tough to make a rhyme
If I get stuck
I'm out of luck...

Jessica Rabbit (spoken): I'm running out of time!

I'm through with taking falls
I'm bouncing off the walls
Without that gun
I'd have some fun
I'll kick you in the...

Roger Rabbit (spoken): Nose!

Smarty (spoken): "Nose"? That don't rhyme with walls.

Eddie (spoken): No, but this does.



  • If viewers consider Who Framed Roger Rabbit a Disney film, this is the first song in which a rhyme is subverted, as Eddie almost says he will kick the weasel in the ****s, but instead, he pauses and Roger shouts, "Nose!"
    • The second time is in "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King, where Pumbaa sings, "And I got downhearted, every time that I..." when Timon stops him from saying "farted" by advising him, "Hey, Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!"
    • The third time is in "The Backson Song" from Winnie the Pooh, where Owl sings, "Its toes are black, its fur is blue. I swear that all I tell you is not made up," when viewers were expecting to hear "is true."
    • The fourth time is in "In Summer" from Frozen, where Olaf almost says he will be a puddle, but instead, he pauses and says, "Happy snowman!"

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