The Mechanical Cow is an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon from 1927. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions.


The cartoon opens with Oswald attempting to get the cow out of bed. When he succeeds, Oswald gets on the cow's back, shouting "MILK! MILK!" He gets some milk for a baby hippopotamus. When Fanny, Oswald's girlfriend, comes over, Oswald tries to flirt with Fanny. Suddenly, a car with some dark, unidentified figures appears, and the figures steal Fanny. In an attempt to rescue her, Oswald quickly starts a streak of surreal moves, including taking the cow's neck and bending it into a C-shape so when a bullet comes, it is shot back in the direction of the dark figures. The dark figures end up falling into a lake, and Oswald and Fanny walk off with the cow.

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