"The Meanager" is Mr. Moseby's name as a super villian. His minions are Esteban and Arwin. His only appearance is as the main antagonist in "Super Twins". The Meanager is, much to Moseby's shock, already a name that has been thought up by employees before Mr. Moseby himself.


First, Zack and Cody wish upon a shooting star to be super heroes. They do this because they hate to be pushed around by Moseby and other adults. When they received powers, they had no idea that Mr. Moseby also wished upon the star to gain powers. The only difference is that Moseby used his powers for evil purposes instead of good ones.

Mr. Moseby becomes "The Meanager" and sought on a personal goal to turn all kids into adults. The only thing stopping him is "Quick Guy" and "Brain Man". The heroes cause The Meanager's "Adultifier" ray to backfire on him, reverting him to an infant. Later, it was revealed that this was only a fantasy element, as Zack dreamed the entire event.