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"The Manny with the Golden Bear" is an episode of Special Agent Oso. It is a crossover with Handy Manny.


Oso is to deliver a briefcase to Professor Buffo who is on a submarine. In order to get there, Oso must use various vehicles. Dotty and Wolfie are on call if he needs help, but Oso thinks he can complete the mission by himself. But when he tries to land the space jet in the water, it sinks. That's when Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. A boy in Sheetrock Hills, David, wants to learn to ride a bicycle his cousin gave him. However, his mother can't teach him because of her broken foot. Not only that, the bike is broken too. So, David calls Handy Manny and his tools to help him and Oso fix the bike for Bike Day in the park. That's when Oso learns a lesson about asking for help and working together.