Mama's boys

The Mama's Boys are the Rice Rocket driving bumpkin Motorcitygang.


When the Duke of Detroit set a bounty on the Burner'sheads, the Mama's Boys were among those who tried to claim the reward. Later, during the Duke's reality TV show, the Mama's Boys were among the motorcitizens interviewed by Cyborg Dan.


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  • 116. "Julie and the Amazons"
  • 117. "The Robo-Roundup"


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  • Though they have not yet been referred to by name, the Motorcity animators keep track of the Mama's Boys with the names Ginger, Chad, Skillet, and BC. [1]
  • 'Mama's boy' is a term for a man who is excessively attached to his mother at an age when men are expected to be independent.[2] It's also the name of an Irish heavy metal band.[3]