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"The Main Course" is the eleventh of the thirteen episodes from The Wuzzles.


After being attacked by Pirats, the Wuzzles sail to an island where Hoppo is mistaken for a god by a tribe of Pig-Mice who intend to throw her into a volcano.


When Hoppo convinces the Wuzzles to take a vacation, they manage to meet up with the pirats (part parrot, part rat.) Soon after, they manage to get on an Island and Hoppo nearly gets sacrificed by the pigmice (part pig, part mouse.)

The Wuzzles find a mine and convince the angry miner that the pigmice are dropping party favors and other stuff into it, not to mention a whole lot of potamus to follow. As soon as the miner reveals himself to the pigmice, they throw away Hoppo in fright and the Wuzzles begin their journey home back to the Land of Wuz.

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