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The Magic Feather is a supposedly enchanted feather given to Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse in order to grant the former flight.



After mysteriously awakening atop a tall tree, Timothy gets the idea that Dumbo flew up the tree, using his giant elephant ears to do so. Unsurprisingly, not only does Dumbo believe the idea to be ridiculous, but so does a group of crows, who then taunt Timothy's assumptions. After their mocking, Timothy scolds the crows into reformation, and to help grant Dumbo flight, Jim Crow (the leader) advises Timothy to innocently manipulate Dumbo into taking the chance at flying; giving him a feather plucked from one of his comrades to use as motivation, as the story has it - those who wield the "Magic Feather" will be able to fly.

After a test flight, it is revealed that Dumbo can, indeed, fly, and the newfound talent is taken to the circus for a performance that'll hopefully make Dumbo a star. The act; Dumbo must plummet down from an oversized building into a pool. Although the drop could kill them, Dumbo and Timothy plan on surprising the audience by flying in the middle of the fall. As they plummet, however, Dumbo loses the Magic Feather, thus tarnishing his motivation. Timothy reveals to Dumbo that the feather was just a gag, and at the last minute, the elephant manages to fly without the feather's assistance.

Dumbo's Circus

The feather appears in this series. Instead of being black, the feather is red.

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The Magic Feather

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