"The Love Bug (Theme Song)" also known as "Herbie's Theme" is a musical score written my George Bruns that has been used through out most of the Herbie Films.

In The Films

  • The song made its debut in the 1969 film The Love Bug which was played during the racing sequences and during the closing credits.
  • The song was reused again in the film Herbie Rides Again, during Herbie's high speed driving and in his dream sequence. It is also heard in the closing credits.
  • The song was only heard once in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo when Herbie goes after a beautiful 1976 Lancia named Giselle.
  • The song is only heard once again in Herbie Goes Bananas when Herbie charges at Mr. Prindle and Quinn who try to capture Pacho who was hiding under his hood. The theme's tune was slightly changed for this film.
  • In the 2005 film Herbie: Fully Loaded the theme song was used again but in the original classic tone that was used for The Love Bug. It is played when Maggie drives Herbie the first time and he immediately takes off when she puts the key in the ignition

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