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"The Lost Commanders" is the eighteenth episode of the Disney XD animated series, Star Wars Rebels. It is the first episode of the second season and first premiered at the New York Comic Con on October 8, 2015 before making its television debut on October 14, 2015.

This episode is the first first instalment of a multi-part storyline, followed by "Relics of the Old Republic".


Following the destruction of their command ship, the Rebels are now on the run from the Empire. While everyone is discussing their next move, Ezra suggests seeking shelter on a remote system, a place where they can hide from the Empire. Commander Sato and everyone else agrees that establishing a base would be a good idea, but Hera points out that none of the potential bases they know of have the tactical advantage they need to protect what’s left of their fleet. Ahsoka steps forward and reveals to know a great military commander with a vast knowledge of the Outer Rim and could assist them in finding a base. When Commander Sato asks how they can recruit this military commander, Ashoka has no clue because she lost contact with him a long time ago but has an idea on how to find him. Before heading out to the Seelos System to begin their search, Ahsoka gives the Ghost crew the head of an old Tactical Droid once used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. She tells them that these droids were good at finding things and believes it could help them find her friend. Then before leaving, she sternly instructs Kanan to trust her friend when they find him. The Ghost dispatches from the fleet and makes the jump to hyperspace for the Seelos System.


The Phantom lands beside the old Republic Walker.

Upon arrival, the Ghost suddenly experiences some technical difficulties with the hyperdrive. Hera remains behind with Chopper to repair the ship while the others head down to the planet's surface in the Phantom to begin their search for Ahsoka's friend. Sabine repairs the droid's head, and it begins to read "7-5-6-7" repeatedly, homing in on something. The crew spot walker in the distance and they fly towards it. As they approach, it turns out to be a modified AT-TE walker, used by the old Republic during the Clone Wars. The crew land beside the walker, and after disembarking from the Phantom, they meet three old men that emerge from the walker. Kanan recognizes them as Clone Troopers and ignites his Lightsaber as Wolffe takes a shot at the Jedi until Rex immediately breaks up the fight. Ezra introduces himself and his comrades to the clones and tells them they were sent to look for them by Ahsoka, whose name Rex recognizes.

Aboard the walker, Ezra tries to convince Rex to join their fight against the Empire, but Rex laughingly refuses, stating that his life as a soldier is over. Kanan, who mistrusts the clones, wants to acquire intelligence regarding locations for the Rebel fleet to seek shelter and leave, but Rex convinces the crew to stay. As Wolffe voices his objections to helping the Rebels, Gregor invites the Rebels to hunt for joopas as payment for intelligence. During their stay, Ezra is confused about Kanan's intransigence towards the clones, and tries to convince his master to trust them. However, Kanan still remains scarred by the events of Order 66, when the clone troopers, that the Jedi fought beside, suddenly turned on them. He and his Master were also attacked by the clones, and while Kanan escaped his Master was gunned down. Rex overheard the conversation and mentioned that not all the clones executed the order and told Kanan that Wolffe, Gregor and himself had their control chips removed. Meanwhile, an Imperial fleet led by Agent Kallus receive a binary transmission about the Rebels. Knowing they must follow up on all leads in order to find the Rebellion, Kallus orders a probe to be sent to the Seelos Sysetm.


Hunting for Joopas.

Soon the Rebels and clones begin their hunt for a joopa with Zeb scouting ahead of the AT-TE and attached to an energy line. They soon come across a possible joopa that Sabine spots in the distance and hold position. As the sound of a joopa draws closer, Gregor laughingly reveals that Zeb is the bait. Too late to get Zeb to safety, he gets tangled up in the joopa’s tongue and is eaten. The Rebels and the clones work together to save Zeb, and they succeed in bringing home a joopa. Zeb emerges from the beast’s mouth unharmed but covered in slobber. Kanan demands that the crew collect the required information and leave, but Rex convinces the crew to stay for dinner.

Soon after, Kanan contacts Hera and admits his mistrust of the clones. Hera understands his fears but reminds Kanan of a time when the clones and the Jedi fought side by side and saved millions of lives, including hers. After speaking with Hera, Kanan leaves the Phantom, but misses spotting the Probe Droid that was sent by the Empire. While gathering the required information they came for, Sabine discovers that one of the clones have contacted the Empire about there arrival. Everyone, except Kanan, is shocked by this revelation. Rex assures everyone that he has nothing to do with any communications with the Empire nor did he even know that Ahsoka had been trying to contact him for some time. He then confronts Wolffe who regretfully admits to alerting the Empire in order to protect his comrades from persecution for helping the Jedi. Suddenly they spot the probe droid, which attempts to escape, but is destroyed by Rex with a well-aimed blaster shot. As the crew investigate the wreckage of the probe droid, they ponder an imminent invasion by the Empire.



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  • This episode marks the return of Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Commando Gregor who appeared in the show's predecessor, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • At the time of this episode, Agent Kallus has undergone some unspecific promotion, as his Season Two animation model sports a slightly different rank badge and collar.
  • Following the events after the The Siege of Lothal, Sabine's appearance has been updated with new colors dyed in her hair and repainted armor, due to the scorch marks it sustained from the previous episode.
  • The Joopa fishing sequence is an extended homage to the 1977 movie Jaws.

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