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"The Long Long Winter" is the series premiere and pilot episode of the Disney XD animated series The 7D. It premiered on July 7, 2014, and is the first segment of the first episode.


The Glooms have kidnapped Jollywood Joe, the spring chicken who brings summer, and banishes winter. If the 7D don't get the chicken back, Jollywood will be covered in an eternal winter.


The Jollywood residents await the "Spring Chicken", Jollywood Joe, to bring Springtime, but, alas, he hasn't come, and the residents lose faith in his arrival. Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom discuss what they are going to do, when the Glooms appear in a puff of smoke, to reveal that they caused the winter, and that they are to move in to Queen Delightful's castle after the residents of Jollywood will be forced to leave. The Glooms then, to Queen Delightful's disgust, make "kissy noises" on her throne. They reveal that if Joe doesn't bring back spring by the morning, it will be winter forever.

Queen Delightful decides to alert The 7D, who agree to climb up to Mount. Jollywood to retrieve Joe.

As they climb up, Happy decides to sing a "climbing song" to cheer the rest up and make the time go faster, much to Grumpy's annoyance. The 7D then notice that Joe isn't on his perch at the top of the mountain, and come to the conclusion that the Glooms have kidnapped Joe. It is then revealed that Hildy has frozen Joe and tells Grim not to worry about anyone coming to save it.

After Doc pulls out his Chicken Detector, the 7D are on Joe's trail, and the Glooms plan their furniture and decorations for their future castle.

As the 7D climb into the cave (hoping to use the element of surprise), Grumpy reveals their location by snapping at the Glooms' "kissy noises". The 7D retrieve Joe and sledge down the mountain, closely followed by the Glooms, on their broomsticks. As they are sledging down, Dopey melts the ice by pouring hot cocoa over Joe.

After the Glooms have been defeated, the 7D take Joe down, who quickly brings back springtime, the residents of Jollywood rejoice and the Glooms mope in their hut.



Running Gags

  • The Glooms made kissy noises several times in the episode. After they done so over the queen's throne early in the episode, Grumpy says "Kissy noises?" to Queen Delightful in disgust and she responded with "I know, right?" three times.

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