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"The Little Things You Do" is a song from the My Friends Tigger & Pooh story "Roo's Pebble in the Pond." One of many songs written and performed for the series by Andy Sturmer, the song is about how the little things one does can help people in big ways. The song has been released as a music video by Disney Junior.


Find a pebble, let it go
And see how big the circles grow
Tiny drops make rivers flow
It's the little things you do

A laugh can grow from one small smile
A flame's a spark that lasts a while
Step by step, you walk a mile
It's the little things you do
It's the little things you do

And that's why I love a friend like you
You make me smile everyday
'Cause it's all the small things that you do
That help in great big way-ays

So give that pebble one good throw
It comes back though you let it go
In ways that you may never know
It's the little things you do
The little things you do.

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