"The Litterbug Song" is a song from the 1961 animated short The Litterbug.

The song is sung by a chorus over the opening credits, and is reprised at the end by a group of animals that inhabit a forest where Donald Duck and his nephews are camping (and polluting) in.

The song was also released as a single, performed by Robie Lester, with "I'm No Fool" on the B-side.


Litterbug, litterbug, shame on you
Look at the terrible things you do
Littering, cluttering every place
My, but it's disgraceful

Litterbug, litterbug, where's your pride?
Making a mess of the countryside
Spoiling and soiling each lovely view
Shame, oh, shame on you

It really makes one wonder
What kind of house you keep
On every tour, the world is your
Personal garbage heap

You thoughtless litterbug, litterbug, don't you care?
People must follow you everywhere
Cleaning up places that you've gone through
Litterbug, shame on you