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"The Legend of the Gobblewonker" is the second episode in Season 1 of Gravity Falls. It debuted on June 29, 2012 after a repeat of "Tourist Trapped."


It's morning at the Mystery Shack. Dipper and Mabel are eating breakfast and decide to have a syrup race, when Mabel taps the bottom, giving her an advantage, and wins. After that, Dipper picks up a magazine called Wacky News and comes across an advertisement for a monster photo contest. Mabel sees an advertisement for a human-sized hamster ball, but Dipper tells her he was talking about the monster photo contest. He asks Mabel if they got any pictures of those gnomes, but they did not. Instead, Mabel says she kept beard hairs from them. Grunkle Stan walks in and says that it's family bonding day. Dipper asks if it's going to be like their last family bonding day where he had them make counterfeit money, and went to the County Jail. Mabel said it was so cold, and shivers. Grunkle Stan admits he hasn't been the best summer caretaker, but he swears they will have real family fun today. He then asks who want to put blindfolds and get into his car. They both cheer, but then Dipper realizes what Grunkle Stan just said, and says "Wait, what?" in confusion.

Dipper and Mabel are now blindfolded in the back of Grunkle Stan's car. Dipper knows blindfolds never lead to anything good. Mabel feels like all her senses are heightened and that she can see with her fingers. Grunkle Stan is driving recklessly, and Dipper asks him if he's wearing a blindfold. He says he might as well be with his cataracts. Grunkle Stan asks if the fence on the edge of the road is a woodpecker, and they barrel roll down a hill. They arrive at their location, and Grunkle Stan tells them to take off their blindfolds.

It's fishing season at Lake Gravity Falls, and the whole town is out. Dipper is curious as to why Grunkle Stan wants to bond with them all of a sudden. Stan says that he's never had fishing buddies, because the guys from the lodge don't "like or trust him." Suddenly, Old Man McGucket comes running telling everyone that he saw the Gravity Falls Gobblewonker again. (This is when Blendin Blandin can be seen picking up a calculator to the right of the screen). He shows everyone a boat that has been broken in half and claims that the Gobblewonker did it. Dipper realizes that if they can get a picture of the Gobblewonker, they can split the $1,000 prize money 50/50. Mabel thinks about what she could do with a giant hamster ball and has a fantasy of getting the giant hamster ball, and gloating to a hamster. She then runs away saying "Squeak squeak squeak!" Then Mabel stops at a crosswalk and talks to two anime boys saying "You can look, but you can't touch!" The boys' sunglasses fall off as they say "Awesome!" Mabel, once again, runs off saying, "Squeak squeak!" Meanwhile, weird techno music plays in the background. Mabel comes back to her senses and says she is 1,000,000% on board. Soos pulls up and says they can use his boat, The S.S. Cool Dude, so they ditch Grunkle Stan and head to Scuttlebutt Island.

As they are on their way to the island, Dipper gives Mabel and Soos a quick lecture. He says the number one problem with monster hunting is camera trouble. They then lose six out of their seventeen cameras. Afterward, they decide that Dipper will be captain, Mabel will be co-captain and Soos will be associate co-captain. Mabel moves a pelican's mouth and she talks, then drinking water (which she chokes on, scaring the pelican away). On the boat, Dipper says they'll lure the Gobblewonker with fish food in a barrel. Soos asks permission to taste the fish food, Dipper says "Permission granted," Mabel says "Permission co-granted." and Soos says "Permission associate co-granted" and licks the fish food. Soos makes a face and Mabel and Dipper start laughing. Soos says "Dude, I don't know what I expected that to taste like," Once they land on the island, they hear "monster noises" and rush to check it out. They believe they've spotted the Gobblewonker, but it turns out to be weird beavers, and one of them has a rusty chainsaw that keeps running to make the Gobblewonker's noise. The beavers prove to be not the brightest, because one says "I love cavorting!", then the one next to it says "That deserves a hug!" and one of the beavers next to them falls off the boat without being pushed. Dipper is then sitting on what he believes is a rock, but it actually turns out to be a part of the Gobblewonker. Dipper is getting ready to snap a picture, but the Gobblewonker begins chasing them.

They make it back to the boat, but they are still being chased in the water. Finally, they end up going through a waterfall and into a cave. The Gobblewonker gets stuck in the cave hole and Dipper begins taking pictures. A piece of the cave lands on the Gobblewonker and Dipper notices that something is wrong. He knocks on the Gobblewonker and realizes that it is made of metal. They open the trap door revealing Old Man McGucket. McGucket reveals he made it to get attention for his son because when you get old, you have to go through a lot to spend quality time with your family. It is admitted that Old Man McGucket creates robots for revenge when he gets neglected. Dipper and Mabel then realize that shouldn't have ditched Grunkle Stan. They later meet up with him and apologize. They take some family photos then relax and enjoy the boat ride. The camera angle then goes underwater and we see the actual Gobblewonker eating Dipper's last camera. The end credits show Mabel, once again, imitating the pelican and tells a joke to Dipper, while Dipper is annoyed.



  • Grunkle Stan's license plate reads "STNLYMBL" which is 8 characters long, but in the state of Oregon, the maximum number of characters allowed on a license plate is six.
  • When Soos lost his shirt, it reappeared during one of the fishing pictures and disappeared again after the pictures.
  • When Old Man McGucket says "Aw, banjo polish!" when he was leaving the screen, his mouth didn't move.
  • Soos still had part of his shirt but when he fell out of the boat his shirt was completely gone. Also, he lost his life jacket, but it reappeared.
  • When Soos grabs Dipper by the top of the life-jacket when they are running away from the Gobblewonker, one shot shows Dipper wearing the life jacket, and it is raised up so you can see his stomach. However, when the shot pans out, Dipper's t-shirt that he is wearing under his life jacket covers up his stomach.
  • When Dipper's hat was shown in the picture, all of the letters were the same color, although the time his hat was first shown, it was different shades of blue and the first P was green.
  • Dipper's fishing hat lost the last two letters during the pictures, but later all the letters are back.
  • During Mabel's daydream with the hamster ball, both men had blue sunglasses, but then the glasses turn pink after Mabel talks to them.
  • In the pictures of Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos the letters on Dipper's hat are all blue and the letters on Mabel's hat are all pink.
  • In the first picture Dipper took, Mabel's hat's name colors are the same, plus, before Dipper took the picture you can see Soos' arm, but in the picture you don't.
  • When Soos is throwing the cameras at the Gobblewonker, some cameras randomly appear in his hand.
  • When Dipper meets up with Stan he had his hat on, but when Mabel and Dipper put on his fishing hats, Dipper's hat disappears.
  • When Soos was throwing cameras, he had about 9 or 10. But they only had 8 left.
    • In the same scene, the cameras in Soos' arms reappear after being thrown.



  • Viewership: 3.136 million
  • On the Gravity Falls website, the episode is shortened to "The Gobblewonker".
  • Grunkle Stan is revealed to have a vanity licence plate that reads "STNLYMBL", which is most likely short for 'Stanmobile'.


  • During the end credits of this episode, the cryptogram read "QHAW ZHHN: UHWXUQ WR EXWW LVODQG." Once decoded, it reads "NEXT WEEK: RETURN TO BUTT ISLAND."

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