"The Jewel Jumble" is a 1955 Mickey Mouse comic story.


Mickey and his nephews are playing baseball near the jewelry store, when a man approaches and tries to show them how to use the bat. He bats the ball to break the jewelry window and steal a diamond, then escapes in a car with an accomplice until they take a plane. However, the diamond falls from the plane into a field.

Meanwhile, Mickey calls Chief O'Hara to tell him about the robbery, and then he goes to feed his chickens. The robber finds the field where the diamod fell is the chicken corral, and since Mickey saw him, he sends his accomplice who wasn't clearly seen. The accomplice pretends to be a bird breeder who wants to check the place, but when he finds the diamond, a chick eats it and gets lost among the others. He takes a random chicken and buys it to Mickey. When he returns with his partner, they decide to eat chickens until finding the diamond.

The thieves returns (the first one with a fake beard) and the accomplice tells Mickey the man is his doctor who recommended him a Chicken regime, so they buy a lot. The "doctor"'s beard falls when they leave and Mickey recognises him, so he goes to call Chief O'Hara again.

After calling Chief O'Hara, Mickey eats a chicken sandwich and finds the diamond in it. The robber enters pointing a gun to Mickey but he's stopped by Chief O'Hara who arrives telling the accomplice was also captured. Chief O'Hara decides that if they like birds, the thieves should take care of Chickens in prison, to which the robber faints.