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The Happiest Home in These Hills is a song featured in Pete's Dragon. It is sung by the Gogans during their search for Pete in the night at the beginning of the story. It is based on them convincing him to return home with them and threatening to kill him once he's there (but it fails).


All: 2x(Argh!)
Lena: He's gone that-a-way
Merle: He's went this-a-way
Grover and Willie: He's up a tree (Lena and Merle) I think!
Lena: Oh Petey, Oh Petey...
Where are you?
Please come back
Oh Petey, Oh Petey...
Lena and Merle: You're like a son to us
We miss you, We miss you
Lena: If I get near him, you can bet I won't miss him with this!

Lena: I'll cook you cake and gingerbread,
Bring you tea in bed on a tray,
Merle: We'll slave while you go fishing
You'll get permission to run and play
Lena: These tears oughta show you I care
Come back, (All) by cracky we'll share
The happiest home in these these hills!

Lena (shouting): Go find him!

Grover and Willie:
Gonna snag him, gag him, drag him through town
Put his head in the river, let the pup drown,
Trap him, strap him, wrap him in a sack. Yeah!
Tie him screaming to a railroad track.
(Bros. laugh)

Merle: We'll have you sing in chapel
You'll be the apple of Momma's eye
Lena: I'll tend to all your sowing and do your mowing
So just rely on me
All: Dang, we know you're out there
It's late, we're waiting to share
The happiest home in these these hills!

Grover and Willie:
Gonna paw him, claw him, saw him in half,
When he cries out for mercy, we'll just laugh,
Beat him, heat him, eat him for dessert. Yeah!
Lena: Roast him gently so the flames won't hurt.

(All laugh)

(After being thrown into a mud puddle by an invisible Elliott and calling for Pete again)

Lena and Merle: You'll swim and you'll go camping
All: You'll be a champ in your own backyard
Our love is overflowing, it keeps on growin'
You'll sleep good knowing you're home in these hills...

Grover and Willie: We're gonna string him from a tree
Lena and Merle: In these hills
Grover and Willie: We're gonna sting him like a bee
Lena and Merle: In these hills
Grover and Willie: We're gonna spill him on his head
Lena and Merle: In these hills
Grover and Willie: We're gonna fill him full of lead
Lena and Merle: In these hills

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