The Great Indoors is the 8th episode in Season 1 (U.K.). Danny and Tinker are helping Reece to get over his fear of the countryside for his camping trip.


Tinker, dressed mysteriously, hides behind the statue and runs to the window. Danny comes and asks him if he was still hiding from Rocky. Tinker says that he is still is and suddenly, Reece pops out from no where. Reece says, "Ah Tinker, Hello Tinker, How are you Tinker", loudly so Rocky can find him. Tinker tells him to keep it down and Reece asks him if there was something wrong. Tinker says that camping with Reece for two days will be a nightmare. Reece, confused, asks them what they meant by camping. Danny says that yesterday, the teacher told them that they were going to go camping. Reece says that he wasn't present yesterday, but was on a school trip to the museum. Reece tells them that they should tell the teacher to call off the camping trip because the countryside is smelly, dirty, and extremely dangerous. Tinker tells him that there is nothing to be scared of. Then, Reece states all the dangerous things in the countryside. Danny starts getting annoyed and tells Reece that they get the point.Tinker calls Reece a chicken,reminding Reece to put chicken as another thing to be scared of. Instantaneously, Rocky runs in and yells Tinker's name (Tinker). Tinker hides and Danny tell Reece not to say a word, but Reece tries to get Rocky to find him by waving his arms around as she turns away from the hallway.

Danny makes a deal with Reece on that if he doesn't get them in trouble again then they would help him with his little "countryside crisis". Reece says that he will accept anything, but needs them to help him get out of the camping trip. Danny says that they are not helping him get out of the camping trip and that it would be too easy.But Reece likes easy because "It's easy". Danny tells him that he needs to confront his fears and he will never be scared again. Danny says that he is proud of Reece and they all turn around. Danny welcomes him to the training camp and suddenly, all the walls turn like trees. Reece gives a sound that sounds like he saw something disgusting and yells out, "Aww green things!". Danny makes the sound of a cow and Reece suddenly becomes scared. Tinker tells him that there is nothing to be scared of and that he should be worrying about the wolves. Reece becomes scared even more. Danny tells him not to listen to him and that he is lieing. Reece becomes scared of the word lieing,mistaking it for lions.He gives up and tries to get back home, but Tinker and Danny stops him. Danny tells him that if he goes to a real camp and he sees a tiny mouse, he would be crying his eyes out. Reece becomes really scared and jumps onto Danny's arms.

{C}{C}{C Danny thinks that Reece is ready for his first test. He tells him that he just needs to retrive the golden item from the tent, but not getting bitting by the live flesh eating trantula. Reece tells Danny that he couldn't even get a trantula and that he is not an idiot. Reece walks into the tent thinking that the there is not trantula in it. Suddenly, Reece starts screaming because there was actually a trantula in the tent. Rocky yells out Tinker's name and tries to find him. Tinker hides in the tent and Danny thinks that it was a bad place to hide, but he hides in there anyway.

{C}{C}{C Tinker tells Reece that animals are not the only thing to worry about in the countryside, but there is also the dark. Suddenly, the whole place turns dark and Reece tells him that he is not scared of the dark. He says that people are not scared of the dark, but are scared of the monsters that live in the dark. Tinker tries to scare Reece and asks him why a monster would be wondering in a school. Suddenly, a costumed monster behind Reece grabs him and Reece runs away screaming. Suddenly the lights turn on and Tinker tells Danny that he did a great job. Danny comes in and Rocky takes of her costume revealing her identity. Tinker screams and runs away.

{C}{C}{C Danny starts itching Tinker's back because Rocky got him back by giving him something that made him really itchy. Tinker says that it is not fair because she is totally fearless. Danny tells him that Rocky must be scared of someting. Reece comes and tells them that camping is cancelled and that they'll have a half day instead.Danny is pleased by this because he could go to get some dvds in town. Rocky comes by and Danny asks her if she was going to go shopping with him and Tinker on Friday. Rocky beggs them not to force her not to go shopping and runs off. Tinker and Danny finally figures out that Rocky fears shopping.


  • Danny
  • Tinker
  • Reece
  • Rocky


  • The Great Indoors is a pun on The Great Outdoors.
  • The Great Indoors is one of the episodes that has the most breaks in it.
  • This is also one of the few episodes with less characters