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"The Great Big Book of Everything" is a book owned by Stanley Griff in the 2001 series Stanley. It is a book on animals, and it can be traveled into. It is shown that Stanley's grandmother, being a witch, owns a copy. In fact, it was she who gave Stanley a copy for his fourth birthday. Mentionism of the book and getting the book cause a problem for Stanley's best friend and pet goldfish Dennis because it always gets his fellow pets Harry and Elsie's attention, and they always sing the book's theme song.

The lyrics to the first half of the song always stay the same (but only when it comes to the book)*, while how the second half goes depends on what animal the episode is about.

The album version is longer with more of the lyrics.

(* The first half is changed when Stanley and whoever accompanies him is researching on the internet.)

First Half's Lyrics

Harry & Elsie:



Great Big Book of Everything

With everything inside.

See the world around us.

This book's the perfect guide.

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