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"The Golden Goose" is a special two-part episode of DuckTales, and also the series finale.


Part 1

The Golden Goose

Scrooge, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey and Louie are in India looking to take items back to Duckburg that can be sold at Scrooge's new department store. In the process, they have another encounter with Dijon, who manages to steal Scrooge's wallet. After managing to shake the wallet (and several other things) out of Dijon's grasp, Scrooge and the boys chase after him, but lose sight of him when he disguises himself as part of a group of monks.

Upon following said monks into their temple, Dijon finds that the group is led by his long-lost brother, Poupon. Dijon claims that he came to the Golden Goose to be with his brother and reform his criminal ways. Poupon explains to Dijon that they guard the Golden Goose, a goose which has the power to turn anything into a valuable piece of gold. Dijon is left in charge of the goose's watch, but he struggles with doing the right thing (guarding the goose) and fighting his urge to steal the goose.

Dijon&Beagle Boys

While trying to make off with the Golden Goose, Dijon runs into the Beagle Boys.

Meanwhile, Flintheart Glomgold and the Beagle Boys are on the search for the Golden Goose, and figure their best chance of getting the goose (and making Glomgold richer than Scrooge) is to steal it at night. After debating with himself all night, Dijon decides to steal the goose and leaves the temple, thus disregarding Poupon's directions. The Beagles attempt to wrestle the goose away from Dijon, and chase him through the city before he drops the goose into one of Scrooge's cargo boxes. Scrooge and the boys head back to Duckburg in their plane, unaware they have the Golden Goose. Dijon is captured and scolded by Poupon, who warns him that they must go to Duckburg to get the goose back or else the world could end.

Glomgold tries to buy the Golden Goose

Glomgold attempts to buy the Golden Goose from Scrooge.

Meanwhile, at the department store, Scrooge doesn't think the goose is worth much, so he initially sells it for $5.00. Glomgold, upon discovering Scrooge has the goose, sends Burger Beagle in the store to buy it, but Burger steals the goose instead and is captured by the nephews. Glomgold decides to go get it himself, and when Scrooge figures out that Glomgold wants the goose raises the price until he decides to keep it for himself since "if you want it, I wouldn't sell it for the world". Scrooge promptly has Glomgold kicked out of the store and returns home with the goose.

Scrooge tries to figure out why Glomgold would find the goose to be so valuable, and when he says the word "gold", the goose turns the balance on his desk into gold. At first, Scrooge cannot get the goose to turn anything else into gold until he says the word "gold" and turns his globe into gold. Scrooge then goes crazy and turns many of his household items into gold while Glomgold and the Beagles watch in the window. The nephews fear Scrooge may accidentally gold plate them as he turns his grass and rosebushes into gold.

Glomgold decides to send the Beagle Boys to Scrooge's mansion later that night so they can steal the goose away. Scrooge settles down and goes to bed after realizing his nephews' fears. Suddenly, the Beagles break in and struggle with Scrooge over the goose, trapping him in his pillow case and turning it to gold. The nephews hear the struggle and run to find out what's going on. They confront the Beagle Boys and order them to give the goose back, but Bigtime instead turns them into gold statues, remarking, "Now Scrooge'll really appreciate you brats. After all, you're priceless."

Part 2

GoldenGoose 2
Scrooge finds HDnL turned to gold

Scrooge is horrified to find that Huey, Dewey and Louie have been turned into gold statues.

The next morning, Scrooge is later freed from the pillow case, and is horrified to discover that his nephews have been turned into gold. Dijon and Poupon arrive at the mansion looking for the Golden Goose, but Scrooge tells them he doesn't have it. Scrooge realizes that Glomgold has the Golden Goose and that he must retrieve it in order to save his nephews. Poupon warns that if they don't retrieve the Goose soon, it could begin its transformations.

Scrooge, Poupon, Dijon, and Launchpad arrive at Glomgold's factory hideout, but are captured by the Beagles and threatened with golden death by Glomgold. Before Glomgold can turn the heroes into gold, the Golden Goose begins its first transformation and comes to life. Poupon warns that the goose will start turning everything it sees into gold; but, a chase ensues. Dijon has the goose in his grasp, but Glomgold drops some spare change. Dijon, unable to resist the urge to steal, loses the goose, and Glomgold traps himself in a room so the Scrooge and Co. won't be able to get the goose from him. The goose, though, turns Glomgold into gold and flies away. The goose begins flying around Duckburg turning everything in its sight to gold while Gyro works on a solution to restore the nephews to normal. Scrooge wants to dump the magic water on the boys, but Poupon warns that if he uses it on the nephews, the world may end; therefore, they must find the goose and pour the water on it.

Dijon is berated by Poupon for his carelessness and sulks away while Scrooge, Launchpad, and Poupon drive around town looking for the goose. They stumble upon the goose in the park, and, after a struggle, catch it; but, just as Poupon goes to pour the water on the goose, the Beagle Boys shoot the vase of water out of Poupon's hand. Suddenly, the goose enters its last transformation, which is the Golden Death. If the goose isn't returned to its fountain, the Gold Death will spread until it covers the Earth. The goose flies away again before Scrooge, Poupon, and Launchpad can catch it, and our trio has to flee from the rapidly spreading gold. The Beagles are overtaken by the gold, as are those back at the mansion. Scrooge, Launchpad, and Poupon drive through town, and Scrooge looks behind to see the gold death spreading all over Duckburg.

Golden Death spreads over Duckburg

The Golden Death spreads all over Duckburg.

Scrooge, Launchpad, and Poupon head to get a plane in order to better track the goose while avoiding the spreading gold. Launchpad and Scrooge make it onto the plane, but Poupon is overtaken by the gold below them. Meanwhile, Dijon is sulking in the park, but stumbles upon the goose, which is hiding in the bushes. Scrooge and Launchpad see Dijon running from the gold below them, and they snatch Dijon and the goose aboard their plane. Dijon steals Scrooge's watch, but gives it back.

Scrooge, Launchpad, and Dijon head overseas to the temple as the globe is rapidly being covered by the gold. They make it to the fountain, and Launchpad, for once, fails to crash the plane. The guards at the temple, unaware of the rapidly approaching gold, grab Dijon, and Launchpad passes the goose to Scrooge, who, just as he is being overtaken by the gold, manages to place the goose on top of the fountain and reverse the golden plague, thus saving the world and his nephews. The series comes to a close with Scrooge valuing his family more than his money. The final scene ends with Scrooge chasing Dijon, just like in the last scene in the movie.

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