"The Gigantic Eagle" is a comic spun off from The Lion King.


When Simba returns home late again, he comes up with an excuse to tell his father, Mufasa. His excuse involves being chased by a gigantic eagle. Mufasa is concerned that such a bird resides in the Pride Lands.

The next day, Simba actually encounters the eagle that he made up the previous day. It chases him into a tree and into a log. He uses bamboo sticks to breath underwater. However, the eagle notices this, and dives down to nab a fish instead of Simba. The eagle flies away, and Simba runs to safety.

When he returns late again, Simba uses the same excuse, but Mufasa believes the cub is lying to him. Instead, he laughs it off saying, "Sometimes the best adventures are those that one thinks up himself!"

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