The Ghosts of Buxley Hall is an episode of Disney's Wonderful World. It originally aired on NBC as a two-part episode on December 21, 1980 and January 4, 1981.


Ghosts and a young cadet try to save a military academy from being closed.


  • Dick O'Neill as General Eulace C. Buxley
  • Victor French as Sergeant Major Cheater B. Sweet
  • Louise Latham as Bettina Buxley
  • Rad Daly as Jeremy Ross
  • Monte Markham as Colonel Joe Buxley
  • Ruta Lee as Ernestine Di Gonzini
  • Vito Scotti as Count Sergio Luchesi Di Gonzini
  • Don Porter as Judge Oliver Haynes
  • Steve Franken as Virgil Quinby
  • Renne Jarrett as Emily Wakefield
  • Christian Juttner as Cadet Captain Hubert Fletcher
  • Tricia Cast as Posie Taylor
  • Guy Raymond as Ben Grissom
  • John Myhers as E.L. Hart
  • Joe Tornatore as Vincent
  • John Ericson as George Ross
  • Tony Becker as Todd
  • Billy Jayne as David Williams (as Bill Jacoby)