The Flying Lion is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


The comic begins with Simba and Nala running into a cave to seek shelter from a sudden storm that is raining in the Pride Lands. The young cubs shake off the rain from their bodies, and eventually, the rain finally stops. The cubs step out of the cave, and Simba suggests they go home or else, their mothers will be very upset. However, Nala suggests they walk along the river, and Nala comments that after the rain, the water must be much cleaner and healthier. As they approach the river, Simba sees this, and Nala also comments on how beautiful birds are and how cool it is they can fly. Simba says that it wouldn't be so hard to fly. Nala questions Simba's statement about flying, and when Zazu overhears the cubs, he laughs at the idea of "a flying lion". Simba sticks up for his idea saying he only needs wings to fly, and Zazu continually mocks asking how will he grow wings. The young cub replies he will fly using twigs and leaves he will gather that the storm left behind.

Soon, Simba gathered some leaves for his wings while Nala and Zazu question him. Simba attempts to fly with a contraption of artificial wings but fails, and Nala and Zazu continue to make fun of him. After that, Simba climbs off up a cliff, and will attempt to jump off the cliff, and into a tree. However, Simba hears something approaching towards him, and hides inside the tree to avoid them. Simba sees some hyenas, but they do not notice Simba hanging on the tree. When Zazu sees Simba hanging in the tree asking for help, he teases him by saying, "Why not just fly?" Simba remarks that it is not the time for making jokes, but Zazu calms the cub down, and tells them that he will get some of his friends to lift Simba into the air. Then, some birds arrive to Simba's aid, and carry the cub into the sky. Simba notices Nala on the ground, and the birds lay him down next to Nala as he thanks the birds for helping him. Simba tells his friend that "Flying is hard, but you soon get the hang of it!" Nala comments that she doesn’t know how Simba managed to fly, but his grin makes her think he is trying to fool her. Finally, Zazu comically remarks that fooling Nala is even harder than flying!

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