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The Firebird Suite written by Igor Stravinsky is the eighth and final segment in Fantasia 2000.


After a long winter, in the form of water, the Spring Sprite emerges from the pool to meet the Elk and he leads her out of the hidden alcove for her to get to work. Her body turns green and melts the snow away for the coming of the spring season, covering the forest in fresh foliage.

Going up a nearby mountain, though, her abilities escape her when she ascends the slope. Curious as to what is going on, she looks inside the massive crater of the mountain at a small volcanic stone. Touching the stone, it awakens the Firebird, who rises from the ash, smoke, and magma to attack the Sprite and destroy the forest. It immediately fires on the Sprite, who evades the attack, but is then knocked over by a series of rocks broken off from the mountain they were on. Chaos ensues, done over with lava flows and a fiery carnage. Evading a second flow of lava, the Spring Sprite scrambles up a ledge, where she sees the entire forest engulfed in fire. The Firebird makes for her, and she runs away for dear life and climbs up a tree. Here, the monster rises up for one final attack, consuming the Spring Sprite.

Cutting to the aftermath where the landscape has turned gray and ash-covered, the Elk, who has witnessed the carnage, finds a burnt out and gray Sprite in Ash form. The Elk helps her up and gives her a ride on his antlers, as the Sprite cries from the destruction she had unleashed. Soon she realizes her tears are healing the land when they uproot plants and returns back to the sky in a rain form, bringing a healing shower down upon the valley. Continuing her work, she brings the plant life back to the forest, restoring the trees and finally covering the volcano in a fresh layer of grass, her confidence fully restored.



  • This is the second piece of Igor Stravinsky's to be played on a Fantasia film, first Fantasia film playing the Rite of Spring.
  • Contrary to what some believe, the story in the Firebird is about forces of nature showing the cycle of life, death and rebirth, rather than a clash between the forces of good and evil.


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