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"The Fancy Party" is an episode of Wander Over Yonder.

An alien queen is hosting a fancy dinner party where she will bestow her power to one of the attendees. Lord Hater and Wander compete over her attention, with Wander's activities turning out fun and Lord Hater's not so good, but little do they know the queen is hiding a dark secret.

Episode Summary

A group of villains, including Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, and Emperor Awesome, are at the castle of an old female queen. The queen informs her company that she is dying and before she does, she'll leave all of her power built over one thousand years to the villain who will deem himself worthy. One villain tries flattery on her, but she deems it desperate and sends him away.

As soon as Peepers assures Lord Hater there is no one standing in his way, Wander and Sylvia arrive. Wander takes a seat next to the queen and thanks her for inviting he and Sylvia to the dinner party she's hosting, and reveals the queen lady as Queen Entozoa while Sylvia begins to introduce the other villains to her fists but is sidetracked by the finger sandwiches the guards are serving. A confused Lord Hater states Wander can't come because he is a well-known do-gooder. Entozoa informs him that she invited Wander since he is the most wanted fugitive in the galaxy, and Hater becomes aggravated because he himself made Wander wanted. Just as he was about to attack Wander, Peepers escorts him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Peepers tells Lord Hater he can't destroy or attack someone at a dinner party because it's rude, to which Lord Hater replies Wander doesn't even want her power. After they are greeted by a mysterious cube creature who was using the toilet, Peepers pampers Lord Hater and states he'll take care of Wander while he acts like a proper gentleman.

Back in the ballroom, Wander is admired by the setup as Lord Hater returns. He starts talking about the place, which displeases Entozoa as the meals come out. The guests are each served a fruit tart, and while Lord Hater properly eats his, Wander can't decide which fork to use and uses his fingers instead. This shocks everyone else, but excites Entozoa. Hater proceeds to destroy him but Peepers stops him and takes over, only to be attacked by Sylvia, who is still enjoying the sandwiches. At the same time, Emperor Awesome flirts with her and shows her his calves, but she doesn't care (also in the Latin America version,she says she hates fish).

Entozoa is anguished by the chattering of the Kremlons and asks someone else to talk. Lord Hater proceeds to tell an impromptu tale about visiting a planet waiting to be blown up, but is interrupted by Wander asking "Why?" every time, and he constantly adds another detail to it. When he angrily finishes it with the fact that he didn't want to date a girl because her hair is purple and he hates that color, Wander gets everyone laughing by putting a spoon on his face. Entozoa then announces it's time for dancing but Wander states before he hits the dance floor, he has to use the bathroom.

Peepers is treating himself to his injuries in the bathroom when he sees Wander enter, and he carries out his plan by sealing the door shut. He informs Lord Hater that Wander is taken care of and this is the moment they're waiting for.

On the dance floor, Lord Hater and a disgruntled Entozoa waltz with each other while Lord Hater sings a heartfelt song. Entozoa gradually starts to approve of his ways, just as Wander enters, having escaped the bathroom. He gives the band different instruments to play, thus changing the music as he does his own dance with Entozoa. After Sylvia takes care of Peepers by blinding him with the cube from earlier, Lord Hater takes over the dancing but obliviously harms Entozoa in return, finishing with a kiss. Angrily, Entozoa says the party is over and made her choice, and the guards take Lord Hater away while the other villains leave.

Just as Entozoa was about to give Wander her power, Lord Hater bursts back in, forgetting his proper gentleman ways and reverting to his usual self. He forces Entozoa to give him her power, and she is impressed, only to reveal she will be inhabiting his body. A spirit comes out of her mouth, and it reveals it took over the queen's body for a thousand years and will do the same to Lord Hater. It proceeds to do so, but Wander saves him and transfers the spirit to one of the sandwiches Sylvia is eating, to when she quickly flees the scene. After realizing what happened, the sandwich orders the guards to destroy the remaining visitors.

Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater and Peepers (who still powerless,and Lord Hater grab him all time) escape the attack, and the sandwich calls out after them that it'll find them someday and they'll pay for what happened. Emperor Awesome is impressed by the fact the spirit is a sandwich now, but is electrocuted and flung away. The episode ends as the sandwich screams "Evil sandwich!"


End Credits

The party guests fleeing from the evil sandwich.

Memorable Quotes

Emperor Awesome: Better call the farmer, 'cause these calves are ready for market.

Let's get awesome
Sylvia: You can't handle this.

Not so awesome

Lord Hater: So, the other day, I'm flying through space, and there's this planet that's just begging to get blown up.

Wander: Why?
Lord Hater: Because it was.
Wander: But why?
Lord Hater: Because it was dumb-looking.
Wander: Why?
Lord Hater: Because it was purple, and I hate purple.
Wander: Why?

Wander: Hey, I can do this!.(Everyone starts laughing, Lord Hater is upset)

Emperor Awesome: So, you're a sandwich, now? I'm totally into that. (gets zapped and thrown away)

Sandwich: EVIL SANDWICH!!!

Background Information

  • In the German version, for some reason, this episode is called "Das böse Sandwich" (The nasty sandwich).
  • Running gags: Entozoa approving of Wander's activities and disapproving of Lord Hater's, Sylvia constantly helping herself to the finger sandwiches, Wander asking "Why?" during Lord Hater's impromptu tale, Peepers is about to fire his blaster but is stopped by Sylvia.
  • The title refers to the party Entozoa is holding in this episode.
  • The black cube speaking Latin has a soundtrack, according to ASCAP #887174253.
  • In the scene where Wander bursts through the door still holding the bathroom door, the crash sound effect from Thomas and Friends can be heard.


  • This is the first time Lord Hater sings.
  • Emperor Awesome is shown to have a crush on Sylvia.
  • It's revealed that Lord Hater doesn't like the color purple. This is ironic, since when in Lord Hater's ship, anything black appears purple.
  • This is one of few episodes where Wander and Sylvia have little interaction with each other. Sylvia also has very little dialogue in this episode, only having speaking roles in three scenes.
  • It's revealed that Wander knows the Heimlich Maneuver (he uses it to force the spirit out of Lord Hater).
  • This is the first time Lord Hater actually tries to kill Wander.
  • It's shown in this episode that Emperor Awesome is a villain, though he doesn't seem to act like one. But later, in "The Party Animal", he acts much more antagonistic.
  • This is Emperor Awesome's second appearance since "The Picnic".
  • Second episode where Lord Hater and Peepers appear without the Watchdogs ("The Good Deed").
  • Third time Peepers' background music is heard, ("The Prisoner", "The Bounty") and the first time it is heard in an episode that does not focus on him.
  • Let's Get Awesome from "The Picnic" is heard again, and is later parodied in this episode as "Not so awesome".
  • Third time Sylvia talks to her fists and addresses them as female. ("The Birthday Boy", "The Day")
  • Fourth time Sylvia defeats Peepers. ("The Prisoner", "The Birthday Boy", "The Day"), but this time, he's conscious again near the end of the episode.
  • Third time Wander says "Later, Hater" ("The Greatest", "The Picnic")
  • Second time Peepers calls Wander a "wandering weirdo". ("The Prisoner")
  • Third time one of Lord Hater's body parts fall off, and the second time his jaw falls off. ("The Greatest", "The Birthday Boy")


  • Entozoa mentions Wander is the most wanted fugitive in the galaxy ("The Fugitives").


  • While Peepers is under the table preparing to blast Wander, he is in his regular clothes, but in the next shot he is wearing is formal wear again.
  • When Emperor Awesome shows Sylvia his calves, he has his right leg on the table. In the next shot, his left leg is on the table.
  • While Emperor Awesome is flirting with Sylvia, the background singer says "Let's get awesome" but the captions say "Captain Awesome".
  • When Wander and Sylvia flee from the evil sandwich, Sylvia's pearl necklace is gone for the rest of the episode.
  • According to composer Andy Bean, who voices the Black Cube, while it is speaking Latin, the closed captioning is way off.
  • Wander's bowtie is missing when Peepers sees him entering a bathroom stall in the mirror, and again when Lord Hater blasts him out of the way.
  • When the camera zooms out to show Lord Hater and Entozoa dancing, Emperor Awesome can be seen smiling in the background. Later when we see another long shot, Emperor Awesome is standing in the same spot, but he is now frowning.
  • Wander takes out five instruments from his hat, but there are only four guards in the band. When the camera shows the instruments being taken though, five arms are seen grabbing them. Then when the camera cuts to the band, there are still only four performers.
  • Lord Hater is shown cutting his tart, yet when Wander swallows his whole, Lord Hater's tart is still full and uneaten.
  • When Wander starts dancing with Entozoa, the attendees in the background have mysteriously disappeared.
  • The instruments Wander brings are a trumpet, an upright bass, a banjo, a trombone, and a saxophone. Yet when the camera shows the guards playing them, only the trombone, upright bass, saxophone and banjo are used. However, a trumpet can still be heard playing in the background.


  • Beauty and the Beast - The song Hater sings is a parody of the title song from this 1991 Disney film.
  • Sleeping Beauty - The spirit bears a close resemblance to Maleficent's dragon form.

Production Information

  • A few images in this episode were used in a promo for Disney XD's Animacation and a "Later Hater" promo for the show. A short preview was seen in a Summer Preview short during Disney XD's All Weekend Long XD-Athon.
  • This episode was revealed on MSN TV listings.
  • Like "The Nice Guy" and "The Time Bomb", this was the third episode that aired on Disney XD Latin America and Brazil first before the United States.
  • A shorter version of the Wander Over Yonder Main Title debuted with this episode.
    • On Watch Disney XD, the full theme is shown.
  • This is the second episode to feature musical contribution from The California Feetwarmers after "The Birthday Boy". They play Wander's dance music.
  • The black cube's Latin gibberish was provided by Andy Bean.
  • Strangely, starting in early 2015 reruns, the title for the episode in the credits is in a regular bubble font instead of the cursive one used in the title card.

International premieres

  • June 13, 2014 (Disney XD Brazil and Latin America)
  • July 19, 2014 (Disney XD Poland)
  • August 9th, 2014 (Disney XD Germany)
  • September 21, 2014 (Disney Channel Japan)
  • October 17th, 2014 (Disney Channel Asia)


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