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The following is a list of episodes of the series The Evermoor Chronicles, listed in production order.

The show first aired on Disney Channel with a 4-episode pilot series on October 10, 2014, and is currently still on Disney Channel, with a first series coming in late 2015 since the show was a renewed for a new series in March..

Pilot (2014)

4 episodes premiered on the Disney Channel in October 2014.

# in show # in series Title UK Airdate US Airdate Summaries
01 01 The Mysterious Village October 10, 2014 October 17, 2014 Tara moves to Evermoor after living in America only to discover that there is a Tapestry there that predicts the future. Later on it predicts a fire, no one believes that it can actually tell the future and that it's just a load of rubbish, except Tara. Bella soon discovers that there has been a fire and things start to get complicated.
02 02 Fire in House October 17, 2014 October 17, 2014 Tara and Seb investigate what caused the fire, only to discover clues that suggest Aunt Bridget may have been murdered by poison.
03 03 Magical Typewriter October 24, 2014 October 24, 2014 Esmeralda reveals to the other everines that the symbol means that a supreme everine is coming and that they haven't woven a real prediction since the Crossley's arrival, Esmeralda planned the fire and that they don't have any more golden thread, Tara discovers this by overhearing their conversation, she also discovers that a piece of golden thread is in The Typewriter so that's why whatever you type comes true. She also discovers that Aunt Bridget is still alive! Meanwhile, Seb accidentally drinks the poison and collapses...
04 04 Supreme Everine October 31, 2014 October 24, 2014 Tara has to find out a way to save her family from disappearing from Evermoor because Esmeralda unpicks their family thread. Tara discovers that she is the Supreme Everine.

Series 1 (2015-2016)

# in show # in series Title UK




05 1 Normal November 9, 2015 2015 Tara has saved her family from extinction. Esmerelda is getting closer to working out the Supreme Everine’s identity. Tara tries to throw her off the scent but it goes horribly wrong.
06 2 Weaving Bad Novmeber 10, 2015 2015 Tara accidentally ripped the tapestry when she rescued Bella. Now Cotton Lively, a trainee Everine from the 17th century who has a nasty disease, has escaped through the rip.
07 3 Night of the Stench November 16, 2015 2015 It's the Night of the Stench, when the bog turns against the village. Tara asks the tapestry what her future holds, and is horrified when it predicts Cameron's doom.
08 4 Drifty November 17, 2015 2015 Tara is reunited with Drifty, her old teddy bear, who could always help her sleep when she was young. But he's been fixed with golden thread, which only adds to Tara's problems as he sends people to sleep.
09 5 Tallulah Brinkworth Meets Her Match November 23, 2015 2015 Tara hatches a plan to pull her magical self out of the tapestry to help defeat Bridget. Instead she pulls out Tallulah Brinkworth, her fictional alter-ego. Meanwhile, Bridget makes a terrible pact with the Founder Everines.
10 6 Forevermoor November 24, 2015 2015 Tara wakes up in Bridget’s dream-like version of Evermoor. She and the whole village are under Bridget’s spell. Can Otto wake Tara up so she can destroy Bridget’s kingdom?
11 7 Day of Hearts November 30, 2015 2016 Two of the three Founders have now taken villagers as hosts but Tara smashed the lantern before the third Founder could be released. So the Founders plot their revenge on her.
12 8 The Labours of Bella December 1, 2015 2016 Tara has a terrible admission to make to Cameron. Bella learns the cost of lying when Esmerelda makes her take an exam to prove her right to the title Supreme Everine.
13 9 Spellbound December 7, 2015 2016
14 10 Nothing Rhymes with Cameron December 8, 2015 2016
15 11 TBA 2016 2016
16 12 TBA 2016 2016
17 13 TBA 2016 2016
18 14 TBA 2016 2016
19 15 TBA 2016 2016
20 16 TBA 2016 2016
21 17 TBA 2016 2016
22 18 TBA 2016 2016
23 19 TBA 2016 2016
24 20 TBA 2016 2016

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