The Evermoor Chronicles is a British television series that airs on Disney Channel. The series premiered on 10 October 2014 on Disney Channel (UK and Ireland), on October 17, 2014 on Disney Channel in the United States and Family Channel in Canada, and on October 31, 2014 on Disney Channel (Australia and New Zealand).

On 19 March 2015, the miniseries was picked up for a full series of a further 20 episodes and was confirmed under the new title of The Evermoor Chronicles as a continuation to the original. On 5 September 2015, filming for the first season was completed And it premiered on Disney Channel on November 9 2015.


Pilot Series Synopsis:

The four-part supernatural series called Evermoor tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Tara Crossley, uprooted from her urban American home to move to a spooky remote rural village, Evermoor, in "middle England" with her best-selling novelist mother and British stepfather. Teamed with her brother Jake and her British step-siblings Seb and Bella, she suddenly falls into a web of danger and intrigue and must fight to save her new family home, Evermoor Manor.

Series 1 Synopsis:

Tara Crossley and her family are trying to settle into the strange village of Evermoor. On top of normal teenage problems there’s a tapestry that predicts the future and Tara has to wrestle with her new secret identity of all powerful Supreme Everine.  All she wants is a normal life, good grades and her crush, Cameron. But a series of magical mishaps turn Tara’s rites of passage into an epic battle for the village. Can Tara and her friends defeat the dark forces that are threatening to wipe Evermoor off the face of the Earth…?

Cast and characters

Character Actor Duration
Tara Crossley Naomi Sequeira Pilot-
Bella Bailey Georgia Lock Pilot-
Seb Bailey George Sear Pilot-
Cameron Finney Cassidy Pilot-
Jake Crossley Georgie Farmer Pilot-
Sorsha Doyle Jordan Loughran Pilot-
Mayor Doyle Clive Rowe Pilot-
Crimson Margaret Cabourn-Smith Pilot-
Rob Bailey Dan Fredenburgh Pilot-
Esmeralda Dwyer Sharon Morgan Pilot-
Ludo Alex Starke Pilot-
Fiona Crossley Belinda Stewart-Wilson Pilot-
Aunt Bridget Georgie Glen Pilot-
Otto Sammy Moore Series 1
Lacie Fairburn India Ria Amarteifio Series 1
Cotton Lively Jenny Eggleton Series 1


Main Article: The Evermoor Chronicles episode list

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 4 October 10 2014 October 31 2014
1 20 November 9 2015 March 28 2016
2 ? May 8 2017 July 24 2017

A pilot series, consisting of 4 episodes and simply entitled Evermoor, first aired in October 2014. Series 1 will air from November 2015 to early 2016. It will consist of 20 episodes and also changing the series name to 'The Evermoor Chronicles'.


Even More Evermoor

A short behind-the-scenes show entitled Even More Evermoor was shown after every episode of the pilot season, which included interviews with cast and crew, spoilers and talking with superfans of Evermoor.

Evermoor Confidential Chronicles

To run alongside the main TV series, a web series of mini-episodes have been launched called the Evermoor Confidential Chronicles. Each episode featuring one of the characters recording a vlog, in an secret scene taking place in-between each episodes from the main series. Each one giving a spoiler of what is to come in the next episode of the TV series.


  • The pilot series was simply entitled 'Evermoor'. However, when the series was picked up for a full series of 20 episodes, the name was changed to 'The Evermoor Chronicles'.
  • On 19 March 2015, the miniseries was picked up for a full series of 20 episodes. The working title is The Evermoor Chronicles and it will be continuation to the original.

    One of the Disney Channel indents.


  • Filming took place in the spring of 2014. It was filmed in a studio in Warrington and on location in Cheshire's Arley Hall which were used for the exterior shots of Evermoor Manor.
  • Season 2 was filmed in Cheshire and Warrington and was wrapped on September 5 2015.
  • All the sets were created in a studio in Hardwick Grange in Woolston.

Online games

Main article: The Thread of Fate
Main article: Evermoor High


As well as playing The Thread of Fate, there are various other Evermoor-related things to do on the Disney Channel website, like:

  • Evermoor Nail Art
  • Read interviews with the cast
  • Polls about favourite characters, characters you are most like, etc.
  • Character profiles
  • Exclusive clips from episodes
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures

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