Van Horn tree

Donald Duck family portrait by William Van Horn.

The Duck family is the term used for the relatives of Donald Duck. Throughout the years, the relationships of Donald's relatives has been revised and modified by authors, although there are some consistent relationships directly with Donald's closest relatives. This group is also related to the Von Drake, Coot, Goose, Gander, and the McDuck families.


The Duck family's roots date back to 1618 when Captain Thirtyville, his nephew Donald Ducktargen and his nephews Houie, Louie, and Dewie (the Three Cadet Muskateers), moved to America to establish their clan.


Boatsman Pintail

Boatsman Pintail first appeared in Carl Barks' "Back to Long Ago" in Uncle Scrooge #16. According to the story, he and his superior, Matey McDuck buried a treasure of potatoes for Captain Loyal Hawk of The Falcon Rover. He drowned three days later and was later reborn as Donald Duck. His debut story does not mention any geneological relation to Donald, and he is simply referred to by Matey McDuck as "Bos'n Pintail", with "Pintail" presumably being intended by Barks as the character's last name.

Humperdink "Grandpa" Duck

Main article: Humperdink Duck

Elviry/Abigail "Grandma" Duck

Main article: Grandma Duck

Quackmore Duck

Main article: Quackmore Duck

Daphne Duck

Main article: Daphne Duck

Eider Duck

Main article: Eider Duck

Lulubelle Loon

Lulubelle Loon is the wife of Eider Duck and the mother of Fethry Duck.

Donald Duck

Main article: Donald Duck

Della Duck

Main article: Della Duck

Fethry Duck

Main article: Fethry Duck

Whitewater Duck

Main article: Whitewater Duck

Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck

Main article: Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Moby Duck

Main article: Moby Duck

Dugan Duck

Main article: Dugan Duck

Upsy Duck

Upsy Duck is Donald's uncle from "Mastering The Matterhorn". In the story, one of Donald's triplet nephews mentions that Upsy was their great uncle. According to this story, he gained the nickname "Upsy" because he was a great mountain climber. Donald clearly refers to Upsy Duck as his uncle on the fourth page of this comic story. He says in the first panel of this page, "But Uncle Upsy didn't give up easily!".

Sheriff Dan Duck

Sheriff Dan Duck (aka Cousin Dan) is an old cousin of Donald who happens to be sheriff of a Western town called Bent Spur Gulch. Dan originally has dark grey thick eye-brows, a long dark grey mustache and long dark grey hair on the left and right sides of his head. He is generally showed holding a crutch.

Dudly D. Duck

Dudly D. Duck is a cousin of Donald who appears in the comic story "Why All the Crabby Ducks" by Vic Lockman and Mike Arens. He is a flopped architect and inventor who was responsible for the construction of the "Jog Tunnel", which annoys the citizens of Duckburg because it really has a jog in it, and for the bad planning of Duckburg's streets. Therefore, Dudly became very unpopular and was forced to live isolated in a lonely street, including his name was forgotten until the day that Donald discovers who planned the "Jog Tunnel", and then his girlfriend Daisy Duck reveals who is Dudly Duck through the newspaper where she works as reporter. A reporter rival of Daisy ends up discovering that Dudly is related to Donald, who in turn becomes unpopular too.

Nancy Duck

Nancy Duck is a female cousin on father's side of Donald. She appears in the comic story "A Likely Story" by Bob Gregory, where Daisy Duck thinks that Donald is having a romantic meeting with a glamorous and beautiful actress who is also called Nancy Duck in his own home. Like Upsy and Dim-Witty Duck, Nancy also tends to keep her eyes half-opened.

Ludwig Von Drake

Main article: Ludwig Von Drake

Clan McDuck

Scrooge McDuck

Main article: Scrooge McDuck

Douglas McDuck

Main article: Douglas McDuck

Fergus McDuck

Main article: Fergus McDuck

Gideon McDuck

Main article: Gideon McDuck

Rumpus McFowl

Main article: Rumpus McFowl

Hortense McDuck

Main article: Hortense McDuck

Matilda McDuck

Main article: Matilda McDuck

Downy McDuck

Main article: Downy McDuck

Pothole McDuck

Main article: Pothole McDuck

Dingus McDuck

Main article: Dingus McDuck

Sir Eider McDuck

Main article: Sir Eider McDuck

Sir Quackly McDuck

Main article: Sir Quackly McDuck

Coot Kin

The surname "Coot" had been used on several ducks by various artists, usually for characters who were relatives of Donald Duck but were not part of the Duck family or the Clan McDuck. When Don Rosa created his Duck Family Tree in 1993, he included the Coots used by Carl Barks and himself as Grandma Duck's family and descendants of Cornelius Coot. It was Rosa's idea to use Coot as Grandma's maiden name, and to have Cornelius Coot as an ancestor of Donald, and it therefore contradicts Barks's work.

Cornelius Coot

Main article: Cornelius Coot

Clinton Coot

Clinton Coot was first mentioned in Uncle Scrooge Adventures #27 in the story "Guardians of the Lost Library", first published in July, 1994. He was introduced as the son of Cornelius Coot and the founder of the Junior Woodchucks, inspired by the book given to him by his father. However, there is a Junior Woodchucks story called "Right is Might", first published in Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks #1 on 1966, where one of Donald's triplet nephews sees a big picture adorning a camping tent and recognizes the figure in the picture as being a certain Pioneer O'Duck, described by one of them as "beloved founder of the Junior Woodchuck movement".

In The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck it is revealed that he is the father of Grandma Duck. In Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, Clinton is married to Gertrude Gadwall and their two children are Grandma Duck (Elvira Coot) and Casey Coot.

He is named after Bill Clinton, who was running for President of the United States when Don Rosa created the character.

Gertrude Gadwall

Gertrude Gadwall is the wife of Clinton Coot, mother of Elvira Coot (also known as Grandma Duck) and Casey Coot, grandmother of Quackmore Duck, Daphne Duck, Eider Duck, Cuthbert Coot and Fanny Coot, great-grandmother of Donald Duck, Della Duck, Gladstone Gander, Abner Duck, Fethry Duck, Gus Goose and possibly Kildare Coot, and finally great-great-grandmother of Huey, Dewey and Louie and possibly Dugan Duck.

Casey Coot

Main article: Casey Coot

Gretchen Grebe

Gretchen Grebe is the wife of Casey Coot, mother of Cuthbert Coot and Fanny Coot and grandmother of Gus Goose.

Fanny Coot

Main article: Fanny the Goose

Cuthbert Coot

Main article: Cuthbert Coot

Kildare Coot

Kildare Coot was introduced by artist Romano Scarpa as a highly eccentric fourth cousin of Donald Duck in the story "Sgrizzo, il papero più balzano del mondo" (roughly translated as "Kildare Coot, the weirdest duck in the world"), first published on October 25, 1964. Though his exact relationship to Donald remains uncertain his last name suggests he belongs to the Coot Kin and that he is related to Donald through Elvira Coot, Donald's paternal grandmother. Curiously, Kildare usually treats Gideon McDuck, Scrooge's younger brother, as his uncle. Kildare and his fellow Andy Ascott (original Italian name) appear as reporters of Gideon's newspaper, The County Conscience, in some Italian stories.

Gander family

Goosetave Gander

Goosetave Gander is Gladstone Gander's father. Barks intended him to be married to Matilda McDuck, who was Scrooge's sister and Gladstone's adoptive mother. "Us Ganders have never sunk low enough to associate with you Ducks!", exclaimed Gladstone to Donald in "Race to the South Seas" by Carl Barks, suggesting that there are a mutual antipathy between his father's family and his mother's one.

Gladstone Gander

Main article: Gladstone Gander

Goose family

Luke the Goose

Main article: Luke the Goose

Gus Goose

Main article: Gus Goose

Other Ducks

While they share the last name as the Duck family, these characters are not related to Donald. These characters include the following.

Daisy Duck

Main article: Daisy Duck

April, May, and June Duck

Main article: April, May, and June

Dickie Duck

Main article: Dickie Duck

Belle Duck

Main article: Belle Duck

Dim-Witty Duck

Main article: Dim-Witty Duck

Dexter Duck

Dexter Duck is an anthropomorphic duck who, like Gladstone Gander, contests with Donald Duck to get Daisy Duck's attention. Dexter Duck appeared in one only story thus far, "Double Date" by Tony Strobl, where he plays dirty to beat Donald and conquer Daisy. It's not suggested that Dexter is related to Donald in this story, despite they share the same surname.

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