The Duck Avenger and the Sleeping Beauty (rough translation of Paperinik e la bella addormentata) is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Part 1

Donald has new inventions from Gyro Gearloose, telescopic infrared shades and amplifier earplugs. Suddenly he sees John D. Rockerduck outside the house. Rockerduck tells Huey, Dewey, and Louie that in a few days he will own the house. Donald, who has heard with the earplugs, comes out and wants an explanation. Rockerduck explains that since his old enemy Scrooge McDuck owns the house and Donald never pays rent, Scrooge has gotten fed and will sell the house to Rockerduck who will destroy it to place a pond.

Donald goes in the 313 to Scrooge's house. There, Scrooge is admiring his art collection, only lacking one piece. Scrooge explains he will give Rockerduck the house in exchange of something he wants. Then Rockerduck arrives and they expell Donald to talk business, but Donald hears them anyways with his special earplugs and finds the thing Rockerduck has and Scrooge wants is a famous Sleeping Beauty painting for his art collection.

Donald sends his nephews to Grandma Duck's farm while he goes to his Duck Avenger hideout and takes some sleeping spray and a Rockerduck mask. He goes to Rockerduck's mansion, makes him sleep with the spray, takes the painting from the bedroom and disguises as Rockerduck to go to Scrooge's house.

Scrooge and "Rockerduck" exchange the deed and the Sleeping Beauty, and Donald rips the deed after returning home. Scrooge and Gladstone Gander (who seemingly had something to do with the exchange) celebrate the acquisition when an angry Rockerduck arrives acussing Scrooge of stealing the painting. Gladstone deduces the one who disguised as Rockerduck must have been Donald, so all three go after him at his house.

Part 2

Scrooge, Rockerduck and Gladstoe find Donald asleep and wake him up. They demand him the deed but he says hasn't seen neither the deed nor the painting, to which Gladstone points they never mentioned the painting, and finds the Rockerduck mask under the closet. As Donald tore the deed, Scrooge promises to write other to Rockerduck. Donald beats Gladstone until Scrooge breaks the Sleeping Beauty on his head. When Scrooge notices what he just did, it seems the deal is over, until Rockerduck reveals it was only a decoy for robbers, and the real Sleeping Beauty is in a safe place.

While Scrooge and Rockerduck leave, Gladstone ramains to guard Donald and ensure he won't try anything. Donald leaves a mask of himself with snorting sound in his bed so Gladstone believes him asleep, while Donald actually uses his hidden elevator to reach his Duck Avenger hideout and change to his alter ego.

The Duck Avenger finds Scrooge previously flattened the 313 tires with broken glass, but when it turns into the 313-X which has a hovering system. The Avenger uses the telescopic infrared shades to follow Scrooge and Rockerduck in the dark as if it was a sunny day, and uses the amplifier earplugs to hear Rockerduck mentioning his guards Grig and Grog; Grog is an able gunner and Grig has sharp teeth. Then the Duck Avenger uses the 313-X's boosters to get ahead of the rich ducks and emits a smokescreen to delay them further.

At the place, the Duck Avenger rings the bell as a distraction, but jumps the fence with his special boots. From the fence, he sees Grog and his bulldog Grig. Grog opens the door and doesn't find anyone, so he believes it was a prank and awaits to shoot the prankster the next time he rings. Rockerduck rings the bell, and he and Scrooge are greeted with shooting. Grog stops firing when he sees his boss, and then they notice the painting has been stolen. Rockerduck suspects Donald, so the ducks return to his home.

At Donald's home, Scrooge and Rockerduck find Gladstone still guarding, and Scrooge sees the decoy through the keyhole, but before he goes to awake him, the Duck Avenger arrives with the Sleeping Beauty. He enters Donald's room to hand him the painting, treathening whoever tries to follow him or spy. The Duck Avenger changes to Donald and returns with the others pretending to have just awakened. Donald tells "his friend" the Duck Avenger told that he would deal with Scrooke if he kicked Donald out of the house, and that the actual owner of the painting is the museum from where it was stolen three years ago according to a newspaper the Avenger found alongside it. While Rockerduck and Gladstone knew the painting was stolen, they didn't steal it; Rockerduck accidentally found it when he bought the house where it was hidden. Scrooge pursues Rockerduck and Gladstone to beat them for trying to sell him a stolen painting, but all three fall from the window to the broken glass in the backyard.

Days later, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are spending vacations in Hawaii thanks to the museum reward for returning the Sleeping Beauty, while Rockerduck, Scrooge, and Gladstone spend the day in the hospital due to their glass cuts.