The Duck Avenger and the Parapsychology (rough translation of Paperinik e la parapsicologia) is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Scrooge McDuck has a huge paper with Donald's debts, but instead of kicking him out, he offers to take the 313. After some doubts, Donald accepts, but he wants to have a last trip in it. His actual reason is to go with Gyro Gearloose to disassemble its 313-X gimmicks. Besides taking out the gimmicks, Gyro gives Donald his latest invention: a remote control for any car.

Donald pushes the 313 to the house, so he justifies his delay saying it's out of fuel. He even uses the remote control so it doesn't run when Scrooge tries to drive it and has to push it to his house. When Scrooge finally has the 313 at his house, he notices he left his own car at Donald's House, so he returns and two Beagle Boys await him disguised as elegant gentlemen. One of them gives Scrooge a friendly pat that makes fall his glasses, then they tell him there's fog and he should get a taxicab, and so they drive him to their hideout, where other Beagle Boys and Grandpa Beagle await. Grandpa treathens Scrooge into opening his own vault for them and using a white flag to tell them he has done so, or they will be watching him and will shoot him. Then they send him away.

Scrooge tells Donald and the kids about the blackmail, so Donald tells he will solve the problem if Scrooge forgives his debts and gives him the 313 back. Then Donald pretends to call "his friend" the Duck Avenger with parapsychology, a sort of telepathic call. He tells the kids to remain with Uncle Scrooge while he uses his parapsychology at home. Then Gyro appears with a new transport for the Duck Avenger: a robotic horse with all the gimmicks taken from the 313.

Scrooge believes Donald is just sleeping and tell the kids to raise the white flag. They see the Duck Avenger on horseback and go tell Scrooge, but the Avenger decides to have some fun due to Scrooge's lack of faith and hides in a smokescreen.

When a Beagle Boy sees the white flag, Grandpa Beagle takes a bottled ultimatum message and they all go to Scrooge's house. The Duck Avenger parks his horse in Scrooge's garage while he awaits the Beagles, and when they throw the bottled message and it hits the Avenger's head, he sees it as the signal to ride again. He follows the Beagles' car and blinds them with light. Then he uses the remote control to send the car near the jail. The Duck Avenger has his robotic horse kicking the Beagle Boys into jail, but Grandpa Beagle prefers to jump himself to jail instead of being kicked.

Later, Scrooge and the kids are worried that the Beagle Boys haven't come, until Donald arrives and tells the Duck Avenger gave him a lift and they see the Avenger (actually Gyro with the cape) leaving. Donald tells Scrooge that since the Duck Avenger followed his telepathic instructions, Scrooge must burn the debt paper and return the car to Donald. Donald and the kids go back home, where Donald sleeps as he claims parapsychology is too tiresome.