The Duck Avenger and the Parapsychological Compass (rough translation of Paperinik e la bussola parapsicologica) is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Part 1

Scrooge McDuck, checking his old stuff, finds his old prospector jacket. Inside, he finds the map of the house where he lived before going to the Klondyke. He remembers having earned money playing poker but after being acussed of cheating, he went to the Klondyke and hid his few earnings. With all his adventures, Scrooge forgot about the money and the house is Donald's House now.

Donald wants to find a way to keep Donald away of his house, but when he calls there, Huey, Dewey, and Louie tell him Donald isn't there. Donald has gone to Gyro Gearloose's house to get an invention that can keep him fresh. Gyro tells him he already invented it as Donald was thinking it yesterday, and shows him an "ice powder". Donald wants to know how Gyro guessed he wanted such an invention, and Gyro shows him his "Parapsychological Compass", which looks like a watch, but can read the thoughts of the person pointed by the needle. Donald asks Gyro the compass for a while.

When Donald points to his house, his nephews are thinking he is a lazy bum, so he goes with a wooden club to beat them, but they stop him with a water bucket. Then, Scrooge arrives to offer Donald and the kids a paid camping trip. Donald and Scrooge argue for the budget Scrooge will give them, until they get an agreement, but by then Donald has used the compass to know Scrooge wants to seek something under the house. After Scrooge leaves, Donald tells the kids to go buy food for the trip, and when they leave, he takes a plank out of the floor to find the money box Scrooge was seeking. He leaves the box there again and prepares a trap. Later, Donald and the kids go to their camping trip.

Part 2

Donald drives until he hears the offensive thoughts of his nephews, so he pretends the motor stopped and makes them push the 313. When they arrive to their camping place, they raise one tent for Donald and one for the kids. Donald trusts the kids will be too tires and fall asleep, so he changes into the Duck Avenger, but they are too tired even to sleep and find the Avenger, who sends them in a fool's errand after a golden tree. When they return, Donald gives them milk with sleeping pills and finally leaves as the Duck Avenger.

At Donald's house, Scrooge finds the box under the floor but he's surprised by the Duck Avenger. Scrooge tells he earned them cheating and when he opens the box, finds the money has turned into dry leaves; he doesn't know the Avenger exchanged the real money with the leaves. Then the Duck Avenger treathens Scrooge into writing and signing a document.

The following morning, at the camping place, Donald wants to return home, but his nephews refuse, so Donald uses the ice powder to cause a blizzard so they agree to go home. There, Donald tells the kids to invite Scrooge for dinner. When Scrooge arrives, Donald shows he found money hanging from the tree outside, which the nephews consider the golden tree the Duck Avenger mentioned. Scrooge tells the garden is his, so the money is too, until Donald shows him a letter "To Donald from his friend the Duck Avenger" and it's the document written and signed by Scrooge, telling the house, the garden and any fruit from its trees now belong to Donald. Donald decides to use that money to go on vacation, and invites Scrooge. At the hotel where the Ducks spent their vacation, Scrooge can only grunt as the trip was paid with his poker money, while Huey, Dewey, and Louie thank Donald telling him he's a generous uncle, and the parapsychological compass confirms to Donald that they tell the truth.