The Duck Avenger and the Escape Binoculars (rough translation of Paperinik e il binocolo di scappamento) is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Gyro Gearloose shows Donald his Escape Binoculars, which can be extended and become a riddable jet, and Donald tells he will come after it if he needs it. After he leaves, Huey, Dewey, and Louie tell him Uncle Scrooge needs him at his office. Donald barely escapes the security system to reach Scrooge, who tells Donald that he has locked himself due to fear to thieves, but it has also given him claustrophobia, so he needs Donald to help him go out without being noticed. The only person they see in the way out is a woman carrying a baby. However, the woman turns to be a disguised "Babysitter Beagle" with a baby-shaped radio, who informs John D. Rockerduck and Jeeves about Donald and Scrooge going to the park.

Rockerduck and Jeeves disguise as cops to get Scrooge, but one of their tires gets flattened and the noise scares Scrooge who believes it's a thief and runs away. Donald also runs as Scrooge wants to use him as human shield, but before Scrooge reaches him, Donald goes to Gyro's house and uses the Escape Binoculars to go away. Huey, Dewey, and Louie find Scrooge and take him to Donald's House, but Rockerduck and Jeeves reach him and use their disguises to pretend to be arresting him.

Rockerduck, not knowing Scrooge locked himself due to paranoia about thieves, wants Scrooge to deactivate his security systems to find what is he hiding. Scrooge tricks Rockerduck into activating a switch to deactivate the system, but it actually makes an anvil fall on Rockerduck's head and Scrooge escapes until Babysitter Beagle helps to catch him again.

Donald is still flying on the binoculars until he's shot down by a hunter, and when Scrooge sees him on the way, throws Rockerduck's hat to give him a clue, but Donald just believes Rockerduck was arrested. When Donald returns home, his nephews tell him that the police caught Uncle Scrooge but when they called, the real police didn't know anything. Then Donald notices the babysitter from before also was in the police car from which the hat fell and deduces the truth. He gives the kids milk with sleeping pills and when they are sleeping, he dons the Duck Avenger costume and leaves.

The Duck Avenger goes to Rockerduck's house and finds Rockerduck and Jeeves arriving. He uses his special earplugs to hear them talk about wanting Scrooge to tell what he hides. The Avenger throws Rockerduck's hat through the window and, disguised as Scrooge, mocks Rockerduck and then hides. Rockerduck tries to call Babysitter Beagle to know if he still has Scrooge, but the Duck Avenger uses a device to jam his radio, so Rockerduck and Jeeves go the small house where they left Scrooge, followed by the Duck Avenger on the Escape Binoculars.

Rockerduck is surprised to see Scrooge still tied, and the Duck Avenger enters through the window. When the villains try to escape, the Duck Avenger lassoes them and throws them to a pond. Then he takes Scrooge back home and they use the Escape Binoculars to enter Scrooge's house through a window. The ungrateful Scrooge is angry at the Duck Avenger for breaking his windows and tries to shoot him with bow and arrow, so the Duck Avenger escapes with his Escape Binoculars.