The Duck Avenger and the "stealthy" long march (rough translation of Paperinik e la marcialonga "furtiva") is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Grandpa Beagle and the Beagle Boys attend a particular robbery class and their teacher tells there's more gain in several small tefths rather than a big dangerous hit. As they leave the class, Grandpa tells the Beagle Boys that their teacher is right and they should stop targeting Scrooge, but instead commit small tefths at banks, stores and apartments. However, when they try to rob a store, the noise awakens angry neighbors who throw even the kitchen sink; When they try to climb to an apartment, they are accidentally defeated by a man watering and fumigating his plants; When they try to break into the bank, a man is walking his ferocious dogs who pummel Grandpa and the boys. Grandpa decides there's too much people in Duckburg and they need to take them out of the city to steal with no trouble. His idea is to create a marching race outside the city, and with an unresistable prize.

The following day, a poster tells about the race with the prize of knowing the Duck Avenger's secret identity. While everibody intends to participate, even Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald wonders who could have found his identity.

That night, the Duck Avenger tries to find who placed the posters, using a mist spray to disguise himself as a smog cloud. He finds two Beagle Boys placing posters and conversing the fact that they actually don't know his secret identity. The Avenger decides to be part of the march to find their plans. The following days, everybody is training, even cops, crooks, firemen and the major, among others.

The day of the march, even Scrooge McDuck participates. Grandpa Beagle, disguised as the march organizer, tells it's from Duckburg to Popple City, and shoots to mark the beginning of the race. Donald pretends to be tired and tells his nephews to go ahead, and when they leave he changes into the Duck Avenger, finds the Beagles returning to Duckburg and disguises as smog to follow them. Their plans are totally clear when the Duck Avenger sees them stealing everything while everybody is away.

The Duck Avenger decides he cannot face the Beagle Boys alone, so he stealthily gets ahead of the marching Duckburgians and changes the billboards telling the route detours, so they return to Duckburg, find the Beagle Boys and beat them. The beaten Grandpa Beagle explains their plan and that they didn't know the Duck Avenger's identity, but doesn't understand how were they found until Donald mentions the Duck Avenger told him he changed the billboards. The major notices then that nobody will ever know the Duck Avenger's identity.