The Duck Avenger and the "Good Guys" Gang (rough translation of Paperinik e la banda dei "Bravi Ragazzi") is a Donald Duck comic story featuring his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Two members of the "Good Guys" gang go to Grandma Duck's farm to treathen her into giving them fifty thousand dollars, but Grandma dends them away using her rifle. Later, an arrow is thrown with a message from the "Good Guys" telling they will beat her if she doesn't pay. Grandma and Gus Goose don't know who call for help.

Then, Donald and Gyro Gearloose arrive to the farm to eat some of Grandma's pies, but she shows them the note and before Donald can eat, Gyro sends him after the Duck Avenger. Donald turns into the Duck Avenger and returns to the farm, where Gyro tells him they will leave newspapers instead of the money so the "Good Guys" take them and the Avenger can follow them to their hideout. The Duck Avenger tries to eat some pie before the plan, but awakens Gus who gets scared.

After Grandma and Gyro reach a rock, they leave the fake money there and leave, while the Duck Avenger spies the "Good Guys" getting the "money" and going back to their hideout. When the "Good Guys" find the money is just newspapers, the boss begins punching the others until one of them says Grandma tricked them and they should burn her farm. Then the Duck Avenger enters their hideout, and they point a gun at him, but the Avenger takes a small bottle he claims contains a deadly gas that will fulminate them while he's immunized. The bottle doesn't have anything, but the "Good Guys" believe what the Duck Avenger said and accept to be handcuffed.

The Duck Avenger uses the phone to calls Grandma Duck to bring the cattle truck. When she arrives, the "Good Guys" enter the truck and Grandma takes them to the police station. The Duck Avenger returns to Grandma's home as Donald and tries to sleep, but Gus awakens him when Grandma comes back. Donald wants to eat a pie but Grandma tells him the pie is for the Duck Avenger and gives it to Gyro to find the Avenger. Donald thinks he cannot eat pie now because grandma doesn't know his secret identity, but he will be able to eat soon, when Gyro finds the Duck Avenger again.