The Duck Avenger's Double Triumph (rough translation of Il doppio trionfo di Paperinik) is a Donald Duck comic story with the fourth appearance of his masked identity the Duck Avenger.


Part 1

Scrooge McDuck calls Donald and Huey, Dewey, and Louie as he has got awful news. Scrooge tells them he has claustrophobia and needs to be taken to an open space, and since fuel is expensive, he wants Donald to take him there.

They go to a clear near the river where Scrooge will live until he gets better. While Donald and the kids install the tent, Scrooge cuts the 313 tires with a knife. After the tent is ready, Scrooge explains he got claustrophobia due to hating the walls he hit his head against, due to reading a newspaper telling John D. Rockerduck has found Ramses' Scarab, a valuable item that makes him the number one collector. Scrooge has decided to exile himself in shame and has Donald and the kids fishing for food and cutting firewood, and Donald cannot refuse because he cannot leave with four flattened tires.

After knowing that Scrooge would return to civilization if he becomes number one again, Donald suggests somebody could steal the scarab from Rockerduck, and when his nephews tell him he shouldn't steal, he replies he onli said "somebody", meaning the Duck Avenger. The kids remind him that the Duck Avenger was just a remote controlled robot to promote Uncle Scrooge's wax museum, and even if there was a real Duck Avenger, Rockerduck has taken several measures agains thieves: he has the scarab chained to his jacket, is accompanied by bodyguards, is driven by armored car, at night he ties the scarab to an alarm, and his house has a complex alarm system and four guard dogs.

That night, Donald tells his nephews he won't sleep in the tent but in a cave instead. When everybody sleeps, he leaves a blanket and a recorder with snorting sounds. Then Donald takes his Duck Avenger costume from the car trunk and as the tires are flattened, he activates a rocket booster to hover. The Duck Avenger stops in an alley to get some cats. When he arrives to Rockerduck's mansion, releases the cats to divert the dogs, whose bark awakens Rockerduck, who must deactivate the alarms to get out and see what happens. The Duck Avenger gets inside the house and cuts the tie of the scarab to take it, using his spring boots to jump to the 313-X.

At almost dawn, the Duck Avenger awakens Scrooge and gives him the scarab. While Scrooge is awakening the kids, Donald re-takes his place inside the cave. As the scarab cures Scrooge's claustrophobia, he reveals he had hidden four replacement tires for their eventual return.

Part 2

Back at Duckburg, Rockerduck acusses Scrooge and they fight. When the police arrives, Scrooge says Rockerduck acusses him from stealing the scarab and Rockerduck tells him he didn't mention the scarab, so Scrooge is taken to court. Donald defends Scrooge and asks Rockerduck if he saw him leaving with the scarab, so Rockerduck answers he actually saw the Duck Avenger. Donald then tells that as nobody believes the Avenger exists, there was no crime. Scrooge is let free until he accidentally drops the scarab, and when he tries to tell the Duck Avenger gave it to him, Rockerduck mentions it may have been Scrooge's robot, so Scrooge goes to jail.

Donald sleeps thinking how could the Duck Avenger appear to prove Scrooge doesn't control him. When he awakens, the kids tell him they were ordered by their Junior Woodchucks superiors to attend Rockerduck's party celebrating Scrooge's imprisonment. Donald tells them to go and in the meantime he goes to Gyro Gearloose's house to get a propeller belt. Then he changes into the Duck Avenger and goes to Rockerduck's party.

The Duck Avenger makes his presence known to everybody, so he shows he isn't a robot and commited the tefth by his own. He kicks Gladstone Gander to the swimming pool for attending a party against his uncle, but forgives Huey, Dewey, and Louie because they only went under orders. Then he makes Rockerduck eat the scarab, which turns to be a chocolate fake. Scrooge is freed and Rockerduck is out of the collectors' association for fabricating a fake scarab.

The following day, Scrooge tells the jail has given him back the claustorphobia, so the ducks return to the river. This time Donald is okay with it and everybody relaxes as in a vacation.