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The Director is the director of Bolt's TV show and the administrator under Sovereign Entertainment. After the Agent, he is the closest thing to an antagonist in Bolt, but he is the main antagonist of the 2008 movie, despite his small (unseen) role. Determined to make the most out of Bolt's unique "method acting", the director has introduced a tough policy at the studio that says that the dog is not to come in contact with the outside world or anything that might derange his delusional state. He seems to have a vision of Bolt as an experiment in expressiveness, talking about the importance of Bolt’s performance being completely pure and unaltered. However, his project has had severe psychological consequences on Bolt, as presented in the movie.

The Director shares many attributes with the creator Cristof from the 1998 film Truman Show.

Role in the film

He's the director of the Bolt TV show, and is determined to prevent Bolt from finding out that he's not really a superdog.

His striving motivation is revealed in one of the early scenes when The Director is upset with the fact that a boom microphone was visible during one of the takings. “The dog could have seen that”, he argued, chastising the film crew. When Mindy “from the network” arrives, he tries to tell her about Bolt, but Mindy is more concerned with the rating points. In scare of being fired, The Director and the film crew decides to create a cliff-hanger episode, consequently leading to Bolt escaping from the trailer.

During the fire, he and the camera crew barely escape the fire in the studio not sure if their was anyone else still inside, it is unknown what became of him after the studio fire, but it can be implied that he lost all of the audience after Penny was replaced with new child actress and his job at the studio as well.

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