The Crocobuffalion is a German comic inspired by The Lion King.


Zazu gets fed up with Simba not taking his education seriously and flies away. When he's gone, Simba says to Nala that they can do anything they want now. They find an old skull and Nala tricks Simba by roaring into the hollow skull. Then, a rotten log breaks under Simba's weight as he walks over it. He lands in a pile of mud.

When they hear Zazu's cries for help, they see him being attacked by three secretary birds. When Simba tries to run in and help, Nala stops him and reminds him that they stand no chance against the big birds. So, they put together the log, the skull and the mud and make a "crocobuffalion" that is going to take over Mufasa's kingdom. The secretary birds flee for their lives and Simba and Nala show themselves. Zazu tells Simba that he is very brave and very smart.

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