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The Crew of the Flying Dutchman are men who have given their souls to Davy Jones, in exchange for avoiding the shadowy unknown that is death. As the crewmen serve their hundred-year sentence aboard the Flying Dutchman, they begin to alter and transform into more monstrous beings; fused with the various creatures of the sea. This is due to the fact that Jones no longer ferries the dead of the sea to their final resting place as his job first entailed, and as such, the reason they are cursed along with him. Because of this, they also could not die or be killed easily until released from their years of service. However, the longer the crew stayed aboard the Dutchman in this state, the more they lost who they were until they literally became part of the ship.

When Will Turner is made new captain of the Dutchman, the ones who survived the Battle of the Maelstrom are cured of the curse, and Will gives the order to ready the ship's guns and help the Black Pearl finish Lord Cutler Beckett once and for all. No longer bound to the Dutchman, most of the crew, save for Bootstrap Bill, depart the ship; free once more.


  • Bootstrap Bill Turner - Formerly a crew member of the Black Pearl, Bootstrap chose to serve aboard Davy Jones' ship after being sent to the ocean floor by Barbossa and his crew.
  • Maccus - Davy Jones' First Mate. Maccus was notable for his transformed head, which resembled a hammerhead shark's. He also had a set of crab claws for his left hand. He wielded a boarding axe as his weapon.
  • Clanker - Clanker was a barnacle-covered blackguard serving aboard the Flying Dutchman. His weapon of choice was chain-shot, which he wielded to devastating effect.
  • Ratlin - Ratlin was one of Davy Jones' must trusted crew members. He was covered in sailcloth and rope that had melded to become part of his visage.
  • Penrod - One of Davy Jones' most trusted crew members, Penrod resembled a lobster, and had antennae for a mustache. He also had a lobster claw for a left hand.
  • Angler - Angler was one of Davy Jones' most trusted crewmen, and had taken on the the appearance of deep-sea creatures, sporting a head resembling an angler fish.
  • Jimmy Legs - The ship's bosun, Jimmy Legs resembled nothing short of a walking piranha with his sharp-toothed sneer, and was responsible for doling out the impossible tasks that kept the Flying Dutchman afloat and for the punishments to those who failed. He also prided himself on cleaving flesh from bone with every swing of his whip.
  • Ogilvey - Resembling an amalgam of human-shaped coral with one eye in the center of his head and a disfigured mouth, Ogilvey was the head gunner aboard the Flying Dutchman.
  • Koleniko - Part human, part porcupine fish, Koleniko was Davy Jones' navigator, as his enlarged fish-eye allowed him to clearly and accurately see the stars for navigation even on the darkest nights.
  • Greenbeard - Resembling a monster made of kelp, coral and seaweed, Greenbeard was the helmsman aboard the Flying Dutchman.
  • Hadras - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman, Hadras could survive having his head removed, as it was fused with a giant hermit crab, shell and all, allowing it to travel and reunite with his body if ever separated. He was not particularly bright and could be more comedical than threatening, as his body had trouble locating his head and crashed into a tree after Jack Sparrow knocked off Hadras' head with a coconut. He also spoke Cantonese.
  • Wheelback - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman that had a ship's wheel growing out of his back.
  • Morey - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman that had a moray eel for a head and would often kill his opponents by biting them with his wicked fangs. He was killed by Barbossa when the latter decapitated him in the Battle of the Maelstrom, making him one of the few crew members to die.
  • Crash - Crash was a crew member aboard the Flying Dutchman who had a tentacle for a leg, tube worms for hair, mandibles for a mouth, and tendrils sticking out of one eye. he wielded a sawfish's snout as a sword.
  • Palifico - Looking as if he had been born from coral and having anemones for eyes, Palifico was fused to his swords, making him hard to disarm. He also had a sense of honor, as he showed when he watched the Kraken drag Jack Sparrow to Davy Jones' Locker.
  • Quittance - A Dutchman crew member whom had fused with starfish, Quittance could regrow his limbs if they were severed.
  • Broondjongen - Broondjogen was a crew member of the Flying Dutchman whom had fused with a giant clam. The inside of the clam held Broondjogen's withered dead twin sibling.
  • Manray - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman with a stingray for a head. He wielded a sword and axe in tandem.
  • Wyvern - Wyvern was the watchman for Davy Jones' crew aboard the Flying Dutchman, and had been in service so long that he had lost most of who he was and had melded with the ship completely. He inadvertently helped Will Turner discover the location of the key to the Dead Man's Chest; in the possession of Davy Jones himself.
  • Two Head - Two brothers joined as one by their curse, Two Head (also known as the Twins) was a loyal member of the crew of the Flying Dutchman.
  • Turtleman - Turtleman was a crewman aboard the Flying Dutchman, and had become fused with a sea turtle. His head was a sea turtle's and his back had transformed into a shell while his right arm became a flipper.
  • Old Haddy - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman that wore a green stocking cap. He was covered in mussels and used shark tooth-tipped knuckle dusters as his weapons.
  • Urchin - A Dutchman crew member covered in sea urchin spines.
  • Piper - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman who was covered in tube coral.
  • Finnegan - A crew member of the Flying Dutchman that had sharp fins all over his body and vaguely resembled a rockfish.
  • Jelly - A particularly hideous crew member of the Flying Dutchman that was fused with many jellyfish.


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